Saturday, October 5, 2013

"You're As Good As Your Tools" Is Beauty Tech Really Worth The Investment? No.1

Beauty is no longer restricted to make-up and cosmetics; the word beauty has branched out beyond the confines of liquids and powders and is now combining science with technology with the aim of making our lives easier.
The real questions are whether or not this technology is worth the investment, do they really make our routine any easier and does it actually ADD anything that justifies that price tag?

First up, hair dryers; now you can pick these up for around the £30 mark and they do the job just fine. Most don’t tend to do anything particularly special and are simply designed to dry. I use mine everyday (sweaty post work out hair is not cool so I have to wash it every day!) as it just takes too long for it to dry of its own accord.

As a result my hair takes quite a battering. Conditioners, hair masks and serums all do their bit to help protect my hair from the heat damage but if you’re willing to spend a little more, there are hair dryers out there which promise to help improve the condition of your hair, make it smoother, shinier and even more voluminous without the need for all of those extra lotions and potions. Sounds good eh?
Having scouted around (and being a bit of a QVC fiend), I decided to go for the Ego Evolve; a salon grade dryer with a hefty £91 price tag, albeit I managed to secure it for a little bit less. This lightweight dryer boasted a LCD screen which shows the outgoing temperature, five speed and heat settings and a tourmaline conditioning shot which is ideal for those with longer/frizzy hair. The results from the stylists who had been using them in the salon were also pretty impressive.
So what did I think?

If you have finer hair like me then this is great, with the varying speed settings you get greater control which means less of your hair flying all over the place! Another plus is that conditioning shot; the style guide recommends that you have this enabled for the whole drying session if you’ve got longer hair and it certainly does help to give your tresses some extra shine if it’s looking a little sorry for itself towards the ends.

On lazy weekday evenings, I was able to just flip my head upside down and blast away. I popped the dryer onto the highest heat setting (with a medium speed setting) and certainly noticed that my usual drying time was at least halved; my hair normally takes about 8/10 minutes to dry completely and this dryer easily did the same job in less than 4.
It’s a good weight and I noticed the nozzle doesn’t heat up as much as its predecessor; this means I’m quite content to stuff it back into the drawer when I’m finished without fear of burning anything!

All in all, the cost is within stinging territory, however it’s no more than a pair of GHD’s which, if we’re honest we all bought because the ceramic plates promised to ease the damage our normal straightners did to our hair. Think about it this way, if your dryer can help to create the smooth polished finish without the need for that final step, then you’re onto a winner. I can safely say that yes, I do think it is worth spending a little more on a dryer as otherwise what’s the point in spending all that hard earned cash on expensive hair treatments to only undo all that nourishment by blasting your hair to a crisp?

I’d love to hear what you guys think! 


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