Monday, March 24, 2014

Deep Sleep Night Time - This Works - A Review

Me and a good nights sleep seem to elude each other, especially on a Sunday evening when my subconscious is already focusing on the week ahead. Lately I've been relying on sleeping aids to help me drift off but, I've been looking for something on the aromatherapy side that'll help do the job.
As I had some N-Dulge points to use, I headed over to Space NK to indulge myself. I've seen people harping on about the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow spray for ages so naturally this was my first port of call in my mission to secure a better nights sleep. Whilst they didn't have the spray on it's own, they did have the Deep Sleep Night Time set which also came with the Sleep Balm.
As a cheeky wee bonus these products are free from chemical nasties! My own personal experiences with pillow sprays in the past have ended in massive breakouts due to all sorts of weird and wonderful ingredients which have naturally ended up all over my face whilst I've been sleeping. As this pillow spray is free from preservatives and the like, I was confident that this experience would be different.
As you'd expect, the spray smells of soothing lavender and vetiver which work to ease your mind and encourage a state of relaxation. I used three generous spritzes on my pillow and another spritz over the top of my duvet.
The balm can be used on any dry patches and on your pulse points. Again, it smells strongly of lavender so I used this on my cuticles before heading to bed. As you can imagine, as my paws tend to be quite close to my face whilst I'm sleeping every so often I'd get another whiff of that wonderful lavender.

Overall, whilst I certainly feel that the combination of the two products certainly helped me to feel more relaxed, as it's so stuffy in our flat at the moment, I cannot attest to them helping me drift off to sleep any quicker. Further, more in-depth testing is definitely required in this respect.

You can pick up the Deep Sleep Night Time set from Space NK for £22. What do you use to help you drift off?


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