Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday Tasties - No.32 - Shake Shack - A Review

Holy Mama, I love me a good  burger. We're still on a mission to find the best spot for a burger in London and in doing so, we've finally hit out next mark, Shake Shack.
This place is pretty easy to find and is tucked away in the Covent Garden Piazza. We decided to get here nice and early to avoid the queues. If you do happen to stumble across this place mid-afternoon, don't worry, the queue goes down very quickly and for CG, there's actually a lot of seating space available.
If you're having trouble spotting it, keep your eyes peeled for these signs, there's another one which resembles a burger, once you have it in sight, make a b-line as swiftly as possible. Right, onto the food.
We ordered two shack burgers (your basic cheeseburger and the burger of choice when comparing to other burger joints) some fries and two lots of concrete, more on the latter later. Ad also had one of their Ales which are brewed exclusively for the chain.
The grub definitely has a fast food feel to it, thin patty (which was FULL OF FLAVOUR) simple accompaniments and killer garlic style mayo, otherwise known as Shack Sauce. The fries were crispy with fluffy insides, the fact they're crinkle cut kinda indulges your inner child. Next time, I'll be going for the double patty.
Now for me, the real star of the show was the concrete. This isn't your usual ice cream, it's actually custard which comes with a variety of goodies which can be thrown in. I opted for for the Union Shack which you can see above, chocolate custard, hazelnut brownies, Paul.A.Young chocolate chunks and sea salt. OH MY this stuff was INCREDIBLE and is hands down one of the most indulgent chocolate treats I have ever had the pleasure of scoffing.
Ad opted for the big blend, vanilla and chocolate custard, chocolate brownies and sugar biscuits. I think it's safe to say there was some serious food envy here as Ad is a big fan of chocolate (dark of course, he's not a sugar addict).

For me, the custard seriously outshone the burgers, that's not to say the burgers weren't good, they were actually pretty darn tasty. As a bonus, the whole meal (including one alcoholic beverage) was a little over £25 making it a steal. I'll definitely be heading back.

Have you been to Shake Shack, what did you think? 


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