Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stressed Out Skin? Fear Not...Kiehl's Are Here To Offer A Helping Hand!

Now Ladies (and Gents) we all suffer from stressed out skin ever so often; air-conditioning, over-exposure to the sun, bitter winds, and dare I say it, hormonal fluctuations can all lead to your skin playing up.

"But I'm not stressed" I hear you cry...I'm sorry to say it, but your skin says otherwise.  It's in your DNA to release certain responses when under strain which result in your skin becoming dry, blotchy, red and sadly, usually at the worst possible time. You may even suffer with random outbreaks of spots when your skin is usually bright, clear and generally well behaved.

Step in Kiehl's Skin Rescuer a daily moisturiser priced at £29.50 for 75ml.
The sign outside the Kiehl's store promised to combat the physical signs of stressed out skin reducing redness, blotchiness, dehydration and even help skin which looks fatigued.  The results suggested that with 4 weeks use your skins overall appearance could be improved by as much as 100% all with the added bonus of the product itself being paraben free! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.
As you can see, the moisturiser itself comes with a pump dispenser which is quite handy for ensuring you don't use to little or to much on your face.  Other points of note are that this can be used as both a morning and evening moisturiser and works well on top of any serums which you're using; I've used this with both my day and night serums.  The moisturiser itself is light, non-greasy and is easily absorbed into the skin; I found it to be a delight to use without affecting my make-up.

I used this for a couple of days initially and the results were fantastic, my skin had calmed down massively with the red patches reducing by almost half. As I have two day moisturisers on the go, I've taken to alternating between the two and using this mid-week while I'm longing for the weekend to arrive!

So, how does it work?

The moisturiser contains chamomile which  is known for it's calming qualities, mannose which helps to protect and maintain the skins barrier and rosa gallica which helps to reduce the skins sensitivity thus reducing the signs of fatigue and redness.

For those who are looking to dip a toe into the Kiehl's range, this is a fantastic place to start. Remember though, good skin care is no substitute for a good nights sleep which is a natural stress reliever and is always guaranteed to give your skin that inner glow.


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