Monday, December 23, 2013

Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Cleanser - Review

I am a huge fan of the Soap & Glory Bath & Body range and was gutted that last year I simply didn't have the funds to invest in the enormous box which is traditionally the star gift in Boots just before payday. This year, I was determined to be more organised and saved my points all year so I could actually treat myself.

Don't be disheartened, I'm not going to review the entire box of goodies. Instead, I would like to confess that I am actually a Soap & Glory Skincare virgin. Hence the reason for my post today. In the Yule Monty box was their Peaches and Clean 3-in-1 wash of cleanser which you can pick up for £8.00 from Boots.
I've been using this cleanser every day since it came into my possession, I always get stupidly excited when I get my mitts on new skincare and I don't like to wait before cracking it open. This has inevitably led to my bathroom shelf having no fewer than 6 cleansers open at once.  Anyway, I digress.

The bottle promises to be deeply purifying, to remove make-up and to energise your skin, I suppose the big question is, does it deliver?

Firstly, what I love is that the cleanser comes with a pump, this ensures that I get the right amount of product to cleanse my face and nothing goes to waste.
The texture is thick and creamy, not as thick as my Rodial cleanser, nor as thin as my Murad cleanser, it's somewhere in between. This suits me as I can use it with my Clarisonic or massage it into my skin with my fingers if I'm looking to leave the product on my skin for a little longer to allow it to really get to work.

As you begin to apply the product you get a slight hint of the peach and berry extracts, this is then followed by an almost menthol smell from the eucalyptus oil.  I felt a slight tingling sensation on my skin on application which reminds me of cleansers whose function is to help declog and purify the skin, this is ideal if like me, you're concerned about blemishes.

This was a really pleasant cleanser to use in the morning as it woke up my skin (the smell is lovely and refreshing) and in the evenings it removed my make-up effectively.  I wouldn't recommend using this on your eyes, purely as the tingling sensation on the skin may irritate sensitive eyes!

Overall, I think you get a lot for your £8, other cleansers which are aimed at tackling blemish prone skin can cost a small fortune. I really felt like this cleanser worked well to remove dirt and make-up, it definitely left my skin refreshed thanks to it's tingling sensation and it's also kept my hormonal blemishes at bay. The latter is no mean feat given the indulgent food which has been a part of my diet this last week. I smell a possible repurchase on the horizon. 

Have you used Soap & Glory Skincare before?  Are there any products you'd recommend I look into?


  1. Oh i absolutely love Peaches and Clean! It has done wonders for my skin! ^_^
    Rida at GlossyFinds

  2. I know right??

    I love that it tackles blemishes but it's not drying on my skin!

    Laura xx


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