Monday, November 4, 2013

Japonesque - Velvet Touch Shadow - Review

Japonesque are renowned in the industry for their beauty tools including an enormous array of brushes, lashes and make-up palettes, all of which are aimed at beauty professionals.  

You can imagine my delight when I spotted their new cosmetics range which has launched exclusively in John Lewis!  It's formed mainly of beautiful shadows, foundation, lip colours and some gorgeous blushers, these being the key essentials in any make-up kit.  

The chap on the counter was keen to show me a few bits and pieces (after all, the cosmetics range only launched a few weeks ago!) and you can tell from the off that the colours are incredibly pigmented.  The lip gloss was a lot thicker than what I would normally go for, but the intensity of the colour was akin to what you'd expect from your favourite lipstick.  He let me know they were doing some make-up classes soon where customers can learn a few tips and tricks.  Naturally my name and number were swiftly left behind the counter for a call back.

In a desperate attempt to avoid spending a fortune, I set myself the task of ONLY PURCHASING a couple of bits that I actually need, namely some more eye shadow (as my collection extends to about 4 colours) and a concealer brush, well any brushes if I'm honest as I am genuinely lacking in this department. 
I picked up the Pro-Concealer Brush in 310 (£11) which is great to use with cream based concealers however, always being one for multi-tasking items, this brush can also be used for highlighting more delicate areas with greater precision.  The bristles are synthetic but are really easy to clean and the bristles do seem to ping back into place without too much coercion.

I'm a natural shadow kind of girl, as such I'm not really that brave when it comes to using vibrant colours on my face. If I'm honest, I wouldn't really have a clue where to start here so if anyone has some hints and tips then I'd be grateful.  Japonesque do have a great range of vividly coloured shadows if that's more your cup of tea.

Anywho, back to my review. I decided to go for a duo of colour snapping up the Velvet Touch Eye Shadow in 07 (£18).  I really think the price point is incredibly good given the standard of the products; some other high end lines cost considerably more and don't achieve the results I've seen with the Japonesque colours.
The eye shadows do come in singular shades as well as quads and all the colours are highly pigmented with mirrors built into the top of the palette which is ideal if you're applying your make-up on the go.
As you can see the colours are both really vivid and they did feel lovely and soft when applied to my eye lids.
Don't be scared about the density of the colour, as you can see they are really buildable so if you prefer a more sheer look then this can easily be achieved.  In addition, the colour is very long lasting. It took a little bit more effort than usual to remove the swatches off both my fingers and my arm.
Something else that I noted about the shadows was that they don't flake everywhere when you apply or remove from the palette. I had taken a good swipe out of this and you can see that there aren't lots of little flecks all over the place, granted there are a couple but this is nothing compared to what I get from others in my collection.
Finally, what really struck me about the cosmetics range was the gorgeous packaging. I loved it so much that I thought I'd show you another picture as the above really doesn't do it justice.  All of the lids of the products are slightly different so no two are the same.  

Have you used Japonesque Cosmetics?  What did you think?


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