Saturday, May 2, 2015

Outfit Of The Day - The Shirt Dress

I'm hoping to keep this post fairly short and sweet, we'll see how that pans out below I suppose. Today's post actually features some photos from a trip Ad and I took Amsterdam in 2013. The reason I'm using such old photos, as I'm sure you've gathered is because of what I'm wearing.
Whilst I appreciate you can't see my shoes, I can assure you that as I'm on a city break, they're super comfy. If I remember rightly they're my mannish style boots from M&S which have featured on the blog many a time and sadly, as of last night have become best of friends with my bin. They've bitten the dust and now have a huge gaping hole in them. But, I digress, today I'm wearing:

Dress: Louche at Joy
Belt: Primark
Shoes (not seen): Marks & Spencer
I have to say, when I first lay eyes on this dress, I wasn't 100% convinced it was for me. First of all, it's pink and at the time, I had absolutely no pink in my wardrobe whatsoever! It's still a colour which is fairly scarce in my wardrobe but I'm slowly starting to embrace it.
Secondly, the way it had been styled in the store wasn't super flattering, the sleeves were rolled right down making it look, well like a bag and the belt actually matched the fabric of the dress, things weren't looking good. Ad convinced me to try it on as the oriental style print was totally up my street with it's blues and golds.
I took the belt out of my jeans and stuffed it through the belt loops on the dress, rolled the sleeves up to give a more relaxed feel and slipped into my boots before stepping out of the fitting room. The rest, as they say is history.  This dress has become something of a warm weather staple owing to the summery colours and smart/casual vibe. It can be dressed down for running around the city or paired with heels for the perfect office outfit. 

This was actually the start of a big style change for me and has since lead to the purchase of many dresses, skirts and pieces which are outside of my comfort zone. It's good to try something new every once in a while, you never know, you could surprise yourself.

Do you own any shirt dresses? Do you agree they're a warm weather staple? Would you like to see more pictures from our Amsterdam trip?


  1. This is a couple of years old? The print is so on-trend right now! I'm loving all of the eastern-inspired prints with orchids, and cranes, and lotus flowers. I hope you plan to wear it this spring and summer. People will think you bought it last week. Oh, how I love when trends cycle back around.

    I like that you shared how this dress marks a shift in your style. I think my Flared Caraz Dress from Anthropologie marked a similar shift. It's a printed, fit-and-flare day dress, and it marked my shift away from wearing traditional "teacher" clothes to having more fun with color and prints.

    I only own one shirt dress, but there are so many lovely gingham and chambray styles right now. I think they're classic. And yes, as always - more travel photos!

    <3 Liz

    1. Indeed it is, I think I got this back in 2012 maybe? At the time, I really felt like the print was a little out there and if I'm honest, the pink was kinda scary. I didn't have anything quite like it in my wardrobe at the time but now my wardrobe is full of all sorts of different bits and pieces.

      I think you're right though, trends always seem to circle back around, I've been seeing a lot of oriental inspired prints with orchids and lotus flowers.

      I actually purchased another shirt dress yesterday which was on my Birthday wish list, it's sleeveless and has a gorgeous blue rose print. It fits like an absolute dream and was from the same store. I'll have to share a post on it soon.

      Laura xx


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