Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Tasties No.24 -The Treehouse - A Review

Given our recent spell of gorgeous sunny weather, it seemed a shame to keep ourselves cooped indoors for our proposed movie marathon. This therefore meant pottering around the shops on Saturday with an impromptu visit to our local on the Sunday to FINALLY try out their grub.

Our local pub is called the The Treehouse, a rather quirky looking place situated on one of the main roads into Croydon. Despite this, it's not particularly noisy and plays a host to a rather lovely beer garden which is something of a sun trap.
Whilst Ad finds the range of beers to be slightly limited, it should be borne in mind that Ad is a lover of Belgian Beer and Trappist Beers such as Leffe which is something which isn't on offer. However, don't let this put you off, if you're a fan of Peroni or Doombar then you'll be more than happy, and Ladies, there is a pretty peachy selection of both wine and spirits to keep you merry if they're your tipple of choice.

Not ones to break with tradition, we both sampled a burger, I'm a firm believer that if you're capable of doing a burger well (something which should be simple right?) then the rest of your food should be excellent to.
As you can see, both burgers came complete with a huge side of chips and some gorgeous caramelised onions and tomatoes underneath the burger.

The chips were fantastically crunchy and had a very rustic feel given that the skins were still on. This was a big plus for me as there is nothing worse than soggy chips. I know chips are far from healthy, so if I'm going use valuable calories scoffing them, then they need to be good.
Moving onto the burger itself. I would say that the patty itself was enormous, it had good flavour and was lovely and juicy. As you bit into it, you could see there was just enough fat in the meat used, and, you could also see all of the lovely herbs used in the patty mixture which was nice to see.

The only down side for me (and it's just me being a wee bit picky) is that for me, a burger isn't just about the patty, it's about the condiments which you accompany it as well. Whilst the rocket provided an extra punch, the onions and tomatoes fell out of my bun pretty quickly meaning that each mouthful was simply patty, bun and rocket. I reckon with a good sauce, it'd really bring this burger to the next level! 

I'd happily pop down here again, the duck breast and mash sounded gorgeous and they also had an offer a full on roast beef dinner for a little over £13 with all the trimmings which I reckon is cracking value for money.

Oh, and if the sun makes further appearances, I'll be topping up my tan in their garden to. 

If you fancy checking out The Treehouse, then pop over to their website which can be found HERE.


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