Saturday, May 17, 2014

Soap & Glory - The Ultimelt - Deep Purifying Hot Cloth Cleanser - A Review

I have a rather large skincare collection, maybe one of these days I'll actually share you with my bathroom side, it's bulging under the weight of shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and around 6 different cleansers. Over Christmas I got my mitts on the Peaches & Clean cleanser from Soap & Glory which I reviewed HERE. Given it's price point, I was pretty frikken impressed. It's worth noting the boffins behind Soap & Glory are also the same boffins behind spa brand Bliss so I wouldn't expect anything less!

As such, during the 1/3 offer in Boots, I grabbed myself a tube of The Ultimelt which is normally only £10 and I thought may be another good alternative to the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser.
As you can see from the box, it's formulated with B5, Sweet Almond Oil, Orange & Lavender Oil as well as Clary Sage and Rose. You can imagine how lovely this smells whilst rubbing it into your skin, slightly medicinal (which is quite reassuring when your skin is misbehaving) whilst the rose and lavender make this wonderfully relaxing to use.
The box also came with it's own cloth so don't worry if you're lacking in this department.

The cream comes out quite thick, however, the second you start to massage this into your skin, it transforms into a balm like texture. I've been massaging this into dry skin at the end of the day to remove my make-up, and massaging my face for a good minute-two minutes before using a hot flannel to remove the product.

It dissolves almost all of my make-up in one go and the cloth obviously helps to rub away every last trace  of dirt (almost like a mini exfoliation) without drying out my skin. Given it's balmy texture, it feels pretty nourishing and I it helps my skin to feel a bit more Ahhhhhhh after a  busy day in the city.

For £10, I think is an absolute steal even at full price and I'll definitely be repurchasing once it's finished.

I'm starting to be a big Soap & Glory Skincare fiend, are there any other products which you think should be on my radar?


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