Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday Tasties No.36 - Some of my Favourite Recipe Books

I've shared a heck of a lot of yummy recipes over the last few months and I bet you guys have been wondering where I get most of my foodspiration from. To be honest, a lot of it comes from recipe books, I always make the dish as per the recommendations and give things a taste before tweaking things to my liking.

Today I'm sharing with you a couple of books which I use every week as well as those I depend on for foolproof dinners, puddings and a book to add something a little different for when things seem as thought they're getting monotonous.
So, first up we have the Jillian Michaels - The Master Your Metabolism Cookbook which is full of healthy recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner. As this is an American book, the recipe measurements are all in cups, but you can get your mitts on cups for very little on the internet. In addition, you have to get used to American names for ingredients such as cilantro instead of coriander but once you get past this there are such staples as nut encrusted chicken, black bean chilli and the scrummy pork loin recipe which I featured HERE.

Next up, the James Duigan - Clean & Lean Diet Cookbook which I've been using pretty much every week since I purchased it. This book features recipes such as the Cajun Chicken recipe I made HERE as well as plenty of breakfast ideas (pancakes anyone) lunch ideas and treats for when you're feeling naughty. The joy of this book is it's designed for those who are a little more health conscious and looking to avoid putting processed rubbish into their systems. I'm yet to find a recipe I don't enjoy and it's a staple when making up the shopping list. If your vegetarian, you can substitute the chicken/fish etc for other protein sources.

Now for the pudding side of things, everyone knows I have a serious sweet tooth The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days is full of really scrummy recipes. Every single time we make something from this book, it turns out wonderfully, case in point, the Chocolate & Lime cheesecake which Ad made me for my birthday. Just look at it in all it's wonderfully gooey loveliness. Seriously, you need to give this book a go, especially if you're nervous about jumping onto the baking bandwagon.
Last but certainly not least, it's Jamie's 30-Minute Meals which will be fantastic if you're looking to try cooking for large groups for the first time. Whilst I only manage to cook the main side of things in 30-minutes the meal ideas are easy and not all that challenging to complete. You might recall the Jerk Chicken and Rice I did HERE which was packed full of flavour and did not cost the earth to make. I'd seriously recommend this book to everyone as it's not only full of ideas for new ways to everyday ingredients but everything is really yummy and looks fantastic when plating up.

What are your favourite cookbooks? 


  1. I've not flipped through any of these, but I love cookbooks! I'll have to search them out and give them a whirl next time I'm in a bookstore. I'm most curious about Jamie Oliver's book. I loved his TV program here, where he tried to change the American school food program. I love his approach to food and cooking, so thanks for the recommendation.

    I'm also drawn to the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook because he had hummingbird cake as the largest tier of our wedding cake. Banana and pineapple and coconut, oh my! Delish!

    Thanks for these tips! I'm always looking to expand my cookbook collection. :-)

    <3 Liz

    1. Jamie Oliver just has one of those faces doesn't he, I find him very likeable! I know he recently did a program over here which is aimed at eating well on a budget and I'd quite like to add that to my collection for whenever pennies get a wee bit tight.

      Hummingbird is a total failsafe book, the only downside is you'll want to bake everything, it's very dangerous especially with my sweet tooth!

      I got the Jillian book as I love her workouts, I think as a trainer you don't look at her and think, heck, I could never look like that. She tough, but fair and her workouts are all attainable so that just drew me into her cookbook. There's actually a lot of helpful information in there about why you should avoid certain foods and how certain foods can actually help you to get in shape so it was really informative.

      Hope you enjoy if you do manage to get your hands on any!


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