Monday, June 2, 2014

Nuxe - Prodigieux Eye Contour - A Review

I've been a bit of a floozie when it comes to eye creams, relying solely on free samples to get me through the better part of a year. A 2ml sachet of the stuff can last me at least a month and I've had a whole box full of the things to work my way through. Eye cream is expensive don't you know, I've certainly not been in a hurry to part with my cash.
Sad to say, the point of my story is that whilst there were some nice samples, nothing really wowed me you know? This means I've actually had to dive into finding a new eye cream relatively blind, I knew I wanted something hydrating but I didn't want it to leave the delicate skin around my eyes greasy. I also wanted something to tackle puffiness and the occasional dark circles and I wanted something that was light enough to use during the day but also nourishing enough to use in the evening as well.
I don't want much eh?
Anyway, people have been raving and raving about French skincare in general, it's relatively cheap and produces good results. As such, for my first blind test, I picked up the Nuxe Prodigieux Eye Contour Cream, a steal at only £18.50.
So which aspects of my lengthy 'want' list did this tick off? The Nuxe website said this little pot of joy:
  • moisturises (thanks to Hyaluronic Acid amongst other things)
  • is non-greasy
  • is de-puffing (good old Plant Caffeine)
  • helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles
  • and finally is anti-aging which isn't a big requirement but you can never start to early
all for £18.50!
Naturally I added this to my basket fairly swiftly, hit pay and it arrived a few days later with lots of free samples to add to my stash.
I've been using this both morning and night and I have to say, for the price, I am impressed. It sinks in really quickly which is obviously essential during the morning rush and it is definitely not greasy at all. I get quite oily eye lids so greasy eye creams are a big no-no for me.
I've also been very naughty and not just using this under the eyes and around the brow bone, I have been sweeping this over my lids as well as it seems to be gentle enough that I can get away with that. The cream has certainly not caused any irritation.
It is certainly moisturising, I've not had any issues with dry skin around my eyes at all (sometimes my eyes do get a little red and dry towards the outer corners) so in terms of hydration, I've got no complaints here.
Is it de-puffing? Oh yes, during the summer I do struggle to drift off if our bedroom is a little humid, (blame being on the ground floor), which leaves me with lovely puffy lids first thing in the morning. After cleansing I sweep on half a pump of the Eye Contour around my eyes and 5 minutes later, bye bye puffy eyes.
On the dark circle front, whilst things have improved slightly I've not noticed a massive change here but given this beauty bargain has been pretty darn effective on all other fronts, I can't really complain!
All in all, I think this product is fabulous value for money, £18.50 is a steal, I really cannot emphasise how pricey similar products on the market are. I'd definitely grab this again, it's a great all rounder and does the job which is all you can ask. As you only need half a pump, the 15ml size will last me for months, I say months because Ad uses it as eh? Always stealing your skincare stash.
Have you used any of the Nuxe skincare before? What's your favourite product to use? Is there something I should try next?


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