Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday Tasties No.39 - My Dream Kitchen Goodies

Being a big food lover often means there are some weird and wonderful gadgets floating around my kitchen. Most have been purchased on the off chance they may come in handy, but lets face it, their real appeal is that they're just plain cool albeit slightly unnecessary.

Okay, so first up is this Garlic Zoom Chopper which takes the fuss out of garlic chopping/mincing/slicing or whatever you want to call it. You just peel your garlic cloves, pop them in the top and roll this nifty thing around your kitchen work surface (is it just me, or does this look like a hamster wheel for garlic?). The awesome gadgety part is that as you're rolling the garlic zoom around your garlic is being chopped into teeny tiny pieces, the more you roll, the finer your garlic, simples. Once your done, just tip the gadget upside down and your nicely chopped garlic will be in the lid ready for you to add to your dish.

Moving on, we have the Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer , sadly I couldn't find this exact shade of pink in the UK, but this one still looks pretty peachy. Keen bakers will know enough about the Kitchenaid that I don't really need to say much here. All I will say is, it's frikken expensive, looks beautiful and is totally necessary in my kitchen if I'm to keep baking cakes. A generic £10 electric hand whisk just doesn't cut it. *Sighs whistfully*.

Ad and I have always said that when we eventually have some spare cash, we'd really like a Japanese Chef's Knife and to be more precise, a whole set of Japanese Knives, they're stunningly crafted and incredibly durable, they won't corrode and the steel is very long lasting. Yes, they are crazy stupid expensive, but these things will last a lifetime if looked after correctly. I mean, as far as kitchen knives go, this one is pretty to look at, and apparently it's ergonomic as well, not that I'm 100% sure how that'll affect my dicing skills. Guess I'll need to buy one to find out?

Lastly, we have two products from Joseph Joseph which you'll spot a mile off thanks to their brightly coloured kitchen goodies. One being the Joseph Joseph Nest Set ideal for those of us with limited kitchen storage space as everything sits nicely inside the mixing bowl. The larger set which I've linked to includes some measuring spoons, a sieve, a colander and a mixing bowl all in one compact little set. I actually own all of these things individually, but I can safely say, they're are thrown around my kitchen in a rather chaotic, whatever space I can find sort of manner. Who knows where that sieve is hiding right now?

The final item is this Joseph Joseph Mezzaluna or fancy herb chopper thingie to you and I. I am quite capable of chopping herbs with a knife, I've got my technique down to a T. I'm serious, I can roll the knife around the chopping board pretty darn well but it'd be so much easier with this fancy chopper that's actually  been designed specifically with the task of herb chopping in mind. Not kidding anyone am I?

What kitchen goodies do you find yourself longing (yes, I said longing) for? Do you buy kitchen gadgets just because they look awesome? 


  1. The garlic hamster wheel is hilarious! Kitchen gadgets are so funny because what seems completely kitschy, ridiculous, and impractical to one cook is the greatest invention known to mankind to the next. While I would love timesaving gadgets for slicing and dicing, I love smashing the garlic clove with my knife, pounding that fist down on the blade, and releasing the aroma. I wouldn't give the hamster wheel the pleasure of taking that away from me!

    I do have a KitchenAid mixer, and it is such a lifesaver. Mine is baby pink , but I love this glittery fuschia one. It is a diva mixer if I ever saw one. We make homemade flatbread on an almost weekly basis, so the KitchenAid sits front and center on our counter.

    I'm not familiar with the knife you listed, but we love our knives. They make a world of difference in the kitchen. We have a set of Henckels 4-star series knives. Whenever we visit family and help with prep work using their knives, we shoot each other looks of: "These knives suck! We need to bring our own next time! Wishlisted: a chef's knife carrying bag." We need to get on that...

    I loved reading your kitchen gadget wishlist! May the kitchen fairies spoil you soon!

    <3 Liz

    1. It was the best way I could think to describe it :) I do love crushing garlic the old fashioned way, but I hate the way my fingers end up smelling of garlic for hours afterwards no matter how much I scrub them...it just seems to linger.

      I've had my eye on a KitchenAid for like, ever but I just cannot justify the price over here, it's about £450 which is an awful lot. I know that Kenwood do something pretty similar however, I doubt it would have longevity of the KitchenAid mixer. At the moment it's an old fashioned electric hand whisk for me. I have to say, I'm not surprised your mixer is pink! That sounds very you.

      OOOOO, chef's knife bag sounds pretty handy, I imagine it'd be pretty hard to explain why you were carrying a random knife otherwise...maybe my brain is just being weird, for some reason I think of things like this.

      Who knows, maybe this Christmas the fairies will feel generous!


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