Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday Tasties No.49 - Feeling Sweet

Yay, my blog is almost 1 year old, I've decided to put together a compilation of some of my favourite recipes from the past. This week, it's time to appreciate some you time with something for those of you with a sweet tooth.

So first up we have the Clean & Lean Pancakes which formed my second ever food based post here on What Laura Loves Today. These little beauties are delicious and make more than enough for four which is ideal if you're hosting and don't fancy cooking up a full English. The not so secret ingredient is actually cottage cheese, everyone I've made these for is pretty surprised they can't taste the cheese at all! They're well worth a go and only take minutes to fling together.
Next, it's time to sing Ad's praises as he's a dab hand when it comes to baking and this loaf is one of his signature bakes. I mean, he has seriously got the technique on this bad boy down. Of course, I'm talking about his Lemon & Poppyseed Loaf which is quick and fairly easy to fling together and doesn't require to many ingredients so is pretty darn cheap to boot.
The final recipe which I'm going to share with you today is another one of Ad's creations. By this of course I mean that he baked this lovely looking cake with his bare hands including the crumble topping and the whisking of the eggs. Of course, this is the Apple Streusel Cake, I've always imagined that this is what it would look like if apple crumble and cinnamon cookies decided to have a baby. It is that good, the cinnamon is lovely and comforting and the crumble topping against the softness of the apples just warms the cockles of even the coldest of hearts. This is one of my favourites, Ad really is good isn't he?

Be sure to keep your peepers peeled for some more Tuesday Tasties Compilations coming your way, if there's something specific you're after be sure to let me know.


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