Monday, December 1, 2014

Nails Inc - Heddon Street - Review

Recently I did a post highlighting my love of deep, dark autumnal nail varnish shades so this post is kinda sharing the love a little more. 

If you've been following my Rome travel series you'll have spotted a couple of photos of me donning a shade which keeps with the theme, namely Nails Inc. Heddon Street.
For my trip to Rome I wanted something which would go with most outfits and I wanted something a little more fun so a polish with hint of shimmer seemed the best option.
As you can see, Heddon Street is a deep cherry red with just such a shimmer running through. Not quite as dark as some others which I own, but I like it's simplicity. This shade is great for the impending festive season as well, it's not so glittery that you couldn't get away with wearing it every day.
I used this polish with a base coat, two coats of colour and a top coat and managed to get around 3 and a bit days of wear before major chipping started to set in. This is by no means the most long lasting polish I own, but darn it sure is pretty on the nails.

Have you used Heddon Street? What do you think?


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