Saturday, December 6, 2014

Yankee Candle - Salted Caramel - A short but sweet post

One of my favourite things about Autumn/Winter is all of the wonderful home fragrance scents which are available in the stores. Warm, spicy and comforting they are great to have around the home. My home fragrance option of choice is candles. There's something about the glow of a candle which I find incredibly relaxing and calming.

Today my post is short but very sweet, well, sweet smelling at least. The biggest news is that I've finally been persuaded to make my first ever Yankee Candle jar purchase. I've had some of their melts in the past but I've never had one of their candles.
I really had some trouble taking photos but as you can see, I've plumped for the Salted Caramel large jar. I thought this may be overly sweet, but the combination of burnt sugar, sea salt and vanilla caramel just works. I do smell some slight spice but perhaps it's just my nose.
I burn my candle for around 3-4 hours a time to ensure that I get a clean and even burn. Even after I've blown the candle out, the scent lingers and lingers, I can still smell the vanilla notes from this bad boy the following day. The large jars last well over 100 hours burn time in total, I purchased this from e-bay for a paltry £15 (with free delivery I might add) which is an absolute steal given how much designer candles cost nowadays.

I've loved my first Yankee Candle purchase, the candles certainly seem to be great value for money and don't smell artificial at all. Whilst the Salted Caramel is sweet, it's not overbearing in any way, the salty notes keep things from going overboard. It smells more akin to some gorgeous home baking which is just up my street.

Have you tried Yankee Candles before? What's your favourite fragrance?


  1. Yay for your first Yankee Candle purchase! I'm a repeat Yankee Candle buyer. We're nearing the bottom of our Autumn Leaves fragrance. I've started lighting the Christmas Cookie fragrance instead as we move closer to the holidays. Yankee Candle is great, but their fragrances can be hit-or-miss. What's awesome is that they have a candle-by-candle exchange program. If you take it home, light it, and aren't pleased with it, you can exchange it no problem. I picked up a fireside-scented candle several weeks ago. I tried to burn it on several occasions and just couldn't smell it. I took it in and exchanged it for the Autumn Leaves fragrance, and it's been wonderful. I also love their Balsam & Cedar scent for the holidays.

    We've bought the Salted Caramel fragrance too, but in the smaller tart form. They only last a few days, but it's nice if you want to experiment with different scents and not commit to something so long-term. The Salted Caramel is so decadent and delicious. Great to satisfy your sweet tooth! Or maybe it's worse because it'll just make your cravings stronger!

    Yankee Candle is one of my two go-to spots for scented candles. Anthropologie sells fantastic candles as well!

    <3 Liz

    1. I know right???

      I think the UK has just had it's first official Yankee Candle store opening, it's in one of the big shopping centres outside of London which I'm super excited about. I'd never heard of the candle exchange programme before but I imagine that's something which the new store is likely to offer?

      Autumn leaves sounds lovely, and I know I've had a good old sniff of their Christmas Cookie fragrance when I've passed by a concession or two. I'm a sucker for sweet fragrances, they're just nice and homely. I was most surprised by how long the fragrance lingers for! We're going to give this a good old burn this evening as we have 'adopted' an Aussie friend for xmas and we thought this would make the house feel a little more welcoming for her.

      I still haven't' been to Anthropologie...*kicks herself*. The sales are coming up though so who knows?

      Laura xx


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