Saturday, January 3, 2015

Outfit of the Day - Christmas Goodies from my Man

At Christmas, Ad and I always like to set each other a challenge, this year, we decided to treat each other to an outfit which we would purchase from scratch (well apart from shoes and underoos of course.) 

What was pretty funny about our shopping venture is that it eventually transpired that whilst I was huddled upstairs in the menswear department of American Eagle grabbing some bits and bobs for Ad, Ad had actually been tucked away downstairs grabbing me some jeans as well. Great minds think alike?

So here's how I looked with everything layered together.
In Ad's words, when putting the outfit together he wanted something androgynous, universally interchangeable, and something which was a little outside of my comfort zone. I think he'd picked up on the fact that I was constantly stealing bits and pieces from his wardrobe and I'd recently become somewhat enamoured with brogues.
When styling, I kept my hair pretty shaggy to fit in with the boyish feel of the outfit, I didn't want things to feel too done. I also paired the whole thing with my mannish boots from M&S which you're all no doubt familiar with by now.
The sweater and shirt were both from Stradivarius, Zara's younger and cheaper sister company. I'd been keen to nip in here myself for a wee nose but Ad said it wasn't easy to navigate around and felt a little bit much. Probably not for me.
I have to say, the shirt is one of my favourite pieces, not least of all because it hides a multitude of sins with it's loose boyfriend fit. I'm not sure the camera is picking it up, but the fabric actually feels silky, it's lovely and luxurious and is super comfy.
In this shot, it kinda reminds me of a pyjama top, I don't care, it's comfy and I am totally obsessed with comfort right now.
For the bottom half, Ad got me some distressed jeans from American Eagle. I'd been after some distressed jeans for ages, but as I'm pretty wide on the thigh front, I find it really tough finding jeans which fit. 

Jean shopping for me is incredibly stressful, I normally have to go a size up, meaning the jeans are massive on my waist and constantly falling down. Ad was most nervous about the jeans as the lady in the store had told him to go down as their sizing comes up pretty big. As such he'd grabbed me an 8 and was in a wee bit of a PANIC about whether they'd fit!!!
I actually think the sizing was pretty spot on, especially given this photo was taken after several instances of indulging in copious amounts of alcohol, burgers, Christmas nibbles and Christmas dinner. The stretch in these jeans is fabulous and I suspect I'll be nipping back to stock up on some more jeans from there soon.
Overall, I loved the outfit which Ad pulled together for me, he didn't even need to ask me for my sizes. Genius.

As a side note, I've just taken down my Christmas tree, as I've lost our tree topper I topped the tree with Patrick Star, I'm kinda sad to see him go.

What did you think of Ad's outfit choice? Did he do well? Would you trust your man to pull together an outfit for you?


  1. You did NOT put Patrick on the top of your tree?!? Lol That was the first thing I noticed! Once I got over my fit of giggles, I could focus on your outfit!

    What a cool, stylish choice! Ad - I'm impressed! I would think a guy would go for a dress or a pretty blouse or something stereotypically girly. This shows he really knows you and your tastes. That's awesome. It's a bit relaxed, roughed up, and playful. So Laura! I think he nailed it! I love that each piece is basic enough that you can pair it with other pieces in your closet. I'd pair the graphic top with a flouncy floral skirt. Fun!

    And I love the distressed jeans. I'm nearing 30, and I still like my cut up jeans. I don't want to grow up! And I certainly don't want to cash in my tulle skirts. Ever!

    <3 Liz

  2. Hehehe, I lost the tree topper and my tree looked so bare without anything on top. I thought that Patrick was the closest thing I could find to a star!

    I thought Ad would have gone for a dress or skirt as well, I suspected if he got stuck he would have gone to my default store, Oasis. I was really impressed he tried some new stores, I mean that in itself is pretty brave.

    I was so surprised that the jeans fit, I honestly thought I would struggle to get into them. I do worry sometimes that my style may be a wee bit juvenile, but who cares when it's comfy, cozy and actually looks pretty good ;p

    Please don't give up the tulle, I'd be sad if it disappeared from your blog.

    Laura xx


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