Saturday, January 10, 2015

Outfit of the Day - The Chunky Knit

Perhaps my favourite thing to do post Christmas, is shop the sales (online of course) and this year was no different. I'd been window shopping for a couple of weeks prior to Christmas and therefore had a pretty good idea about what I wanted to get my mitts on come boxing day. This of course left me able to relax in my toasty living room simply waiting for my orders to arrive.

One such piece features in today's post and is from one of my favourite stores, Oasis. I apologise in advance for the darker photos #1st World Blogger Problems!
Today I'm wearing:-

Coat: Warehouse - sadly I purchased this moto inspired number last year so there's no link
Scarf: Oliver Bonas - this was a Christmas present and I can't spot it online, however THIS is something similar 
Necklace: Hema - £4 
Jumper Dress: Oasis - £25 in the sale HERE
Boots: Aldo however, they're about 6 years old now and so I don't have a link I'm afraid
I am totally in love with this dress, it's super fluffy and incredibly soft. The roll neck is nice and roomy which makes things feel lovely and cosy. The only downside to this dress is that the fluff does have a tendency to go absolutely everywhere. It's cool though, I have a roller tucked away under the sink.
In the shot above you get a bit more of a feel for both the texture of the knit and the pattern. Given the pattern, I thought this geometric style necklace from Hema was a nice addition to bring a little more interest to the dress.
In the colder months, my default is tights, leggings and anything that will generally make me feel warm and snugly should I decide to venture outside (BOOOOOO!). That said, this combo ticks all the right boxes for me the faux shearling collar, the gorgeous super long scarf and the slouchy boots. Comfort central here we come.

Finally, because I'm such a good person, here's a shot of me pulling my best Spice Force 5 pose. I can tell I'm on the edge of cracking into a big old grin. Oh yes, I indulged my inner child over Christmas, and it was frikken awesome.
Did you manage to spot any bargains in the Christmas Sales? How would you style a jumper dress? 


  1. I love this look! So cozy, and the cable knit on that sweater is so unique. I love the combination of knits and textures. The butterfly scarf is totally something I'd throw on too for a burst of color and whimsy.

    Surprisingly, I am not a post-holiday shopper. Usually I'm so broke that I put myself on a shopping fast. Which is precisely what I'm doing right now. And probably for much of February and March as well. Whoops. I'm seeing all of these fabulous promotions right now as stores clear out fall and winter stock for resort-wear and spring fashions, but I must hold firm.

    I did buy myself two things during the holidays with some cash I was gifted by family. I picked up a pair of vintage Art Deco earrings in red and pink rhinestones. And I picked up a perfume by Tokyo Milk. Are you familiar with those? I love them. Mine has scents of vanilla and cedar and citrus. It's almost a masculine scent, but I really love it. It's a nice alternative to my sugary-sweet fragrances.

    As far as styling your jumper dress? I think your styling is so easy and chic. But it might be cute with distressed jeans, belted with a chunky belt, and worn with scuffed up booties. Maybe try it with the black distressed skinnies Ad got you?

    <3 Liz

    1. My goal this year was to try and do more outfit posts, I'm not quite into a good routine with it all yet but I'll get there.

      I'm sure you can tell, I'm not quite comfortable adding too much colour and I thought the scarf was a good/safe bet with the grey tones and a hint of colour. My mum actually bought me the scarf for Christmas and I love it. Butterflies are really my thing, hence my tattoos.

      I love shopping the sales, Oasis tend to have a fabulous sale and it's definitely my go to store, everything always fits and that is always a nice confidence boost post festive scoffing.

      I'm now on a spending ban (sort of) as I'm trying to save for our next holiday, I know it'll be worth it. I'll whip out my storage boxes in the next few months to see if there's any summer bits I actually need to buy this year but it's looking good. I just have to avoid temptation, no window shopping for me.

      I've never heard of Tokyo Milk (thank you Google) but their make-up bags look fabulous, really unusual. Their fragrance called Let Them Eat Cake sounds right up my street with hints of coconut. I do love a sweet fragrance, it's kinda my thing.

      Thank you for the styling tips, I'll be sure to give them a go soon and post a piccie on here or on my Facebook page :)

      Laura xx


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