Saturday, February 14, 2015

Omorovicza- Introductory Kit- A Review

I was one spoilt lady over Christmas, this is the first year that I've had almost everything purchased from my Christmas Wish List. Being a bit of a beauty obsessive, my list naturally featured some beauty goodies which I'd been desperate to try but just hadn't had the opportunity to buy for myself.

One such item was the Omorovicza 6 Piece Introductory Kit which is £42 from Cult Beauty. Regular readers of the blog will know that I'm a big fan of introductory/starter kits like this as they're a fabulous way to try out a brand without having to commit to paying full price for any one product.
This particular set contains some of Omoroviczas best selling products and they're all packaged together in this cute little travel case. 
Inside you get the following products:

  • Thermal Cleansing Balm - 5ml - An oil based balmy cleanser which packs a serious punch owing to the fact that it's formulated with thermal mud, plenty of vitamins and minerals. It removed every speck of make-up (including waterproof mascara) from my face whilst drawing out any impurities to leave my skin lovely and clear. 5ml lasted two to three weeks with me using it every evening as a little goes a long way. I'll be purchasing the full size me thinks.
  • Instant Plumping Cream - 5ml - A super rich cream which is marketed as a bit of gem for those of us with dehydrated and dull skin. You apply this in the evening and the hyaluronic acid goes to work overnight to plump up the skin. Whilst this was nice, I wasn't AMAZED with the results, plus, at £105 a pop for the full size, I reckon I'll be sticking with one of my go-to products. 
  • Deep Cleansing Mask - 15ml - This little beauty is infused with the Hungarian healing waters and mineral mud which Omorovicza is famous for. It's rich in calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc which basically means it works to brighten the skin (it definitely tingles) even out skin tone and of course with all mud/clay masks, it draws out any impurities. I was pretty chuffed with this albeit I am a little put off by the £57 price tag. Birthday wishlist maybe?
You also get:
  • Cleansing Foam - 30ml - A blue foaming cleanser which again, helps to clear congestion and sooth sensitive skin. I was a little wary of this as it's a foaming cleanser,and foaming cleansers usually dry out my skin, but I was pleasantly surprised with this as my skin was left soft and supple after using.
  • Queen of Hungary Mist - 30ml - Now THIS is one of the big reasons I wanted this kit. I'd heard so much about this cult product, including the fact that it had been formulated for the Queen of Hungary herself whereon it was so successful as a beauty product that a 25 year old proposed to her when she was at the end of her life! Now I'm not sure about that, but what I will say is this smells wonderful, and I've been using this at the toning stage as it's packed with good stuff to keep my skin looking and feeling hydrated and dewy. Again, I'll be purchasing this when it's gone.
  • Illuminating Moisturiser - 20ml - This moisturiser is packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and the usual goodies one would expect from Omorovicza. It's super light in texture but doesn't compromise on the hydration front. It keeps my skin looking lovely and glowy thanks to the ruby crystals and is a product which will be great to take away on short trips! At £85 for the full size it's certainly not cheap so I've been saving this for special occasions.
Overall, you should have gathered by now that all of these products contain the Hungarian Thermal Water which is of course the basis for most (if not all) of the Omorovicza line, it's this water which is packed with lots of lovely goodies such a calcium, magnesium, zinc and copper which keep your skin looking wonderful. All of the products smell incredible, almost herbal like, it's certainly not over powering in any sense and I'd say the smell makes it suitable for both men and women.
My two LOVES from the range are the Queen of Hungary Mist and the Thermal Cleansing Balm, both of which I'll be purchasing ASAP. The Instant Plumping Cream was ok as was the Foaming Cleanser, but I know of two cheaper alternatives which do the job just as well so I'll be leaving these. Whilst I love the Illuminating Moisturiser and the Deep Cleansing Mask, they're both a little pricey so I'm unlikely to treat myself to these and I'm more likely to ask for pennies towards them at special times of year...that's totally acceptable right?

Which of these products would you most like to try? Have you used Omorovicza before?


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