Monday, February 9, 2015

Givenchy- The British Beauty Blogger Edit- A Review

I've had a hit and miss relationship with beauty boxes over the last year or so, first I was obsessed with the Birchbox, then it was the turn of You Beauty Discovery Box, I'm a fickle creature me. Anywho, Jane Cunningham over at British Beauty Blogger has done a few of beauty boxes in association with Latest In Beauty, each with an awesome array of goodies, however, I've never shared a post with you as they're always guaranteed to sell out! Lucky for you, this extra special box is still available to buy HERE.
So, here's the skinny, this is a special box done in association with Givenchy and contains a selection of goodies which Jane has hand-picked as some of her favourites from the brand. Being a Givenchy virgin, I thought this would be a fabulous opportunity to try the brand and get to know them a little better.
The box itself is presented beautifully (excuse the dent, the postman was clearly feeling a little careless), and comes wrapped in gorgeous black Givenchy paper with a little booklet with some more information on the wonders within the box itself.
As you can see, it's jam packed full of goodies and this little selection will only set you back £18.95 with free delivery. I think this is fabulous value for money.
There's a bit of everything in here ranging from skincare, to make-up and even a couple of fragrance samples. It'd make a wonderful gift for a beauty loving friend and it's a lovely way to introduce yourself to the Givenchy beauty world. 
On the skincare side you get the following:
  • Hydra Sparkling Luminescence Moisturing Cream - 5ml  - A cream formulated to deliver a hit of hydration whilst creating a luminous finish. According to the booklet the formula is a cooling gel like texture meaning it's light on the skin. I've not tried this yet but it sounds like it'd be ideal for summer.
  • Hydra Sparkling One Minute Glow Powder - 0.5g - To use, you simply tap a little into the palm of your hand before adding a tiny bit of water and massaging into the skin for a smooth and cleansed complexion.
  • Hydra Sparkling Nude Look BB Cream - 2ml - A smoothing and hydrating cream with added SPF30. It claims the texture is fluid and easily blendable giving skin that "your skin, but better" appearance. I'm always a bit nervous about BB creams as my complexion is super pale but I shall give this a go at home and see how I get on.
On the make-up side you get:

  • One pot for a free 5 day sample of Givenchy Foundation & Free make-over - All you need to do is take this little pot to a Givenchy counter to have it filled with a sample of your choice. While you're there you can also get a free make-over as well.
  • Phenomen'Eyes Mascara: The Iconic Reinvented - 4g - Reformulated to give more length, more curl and more definition which is set to launch this year. The brush is certainly unusual but it means you get right in there to catch each and every lash.
  • Mini Le Rouge Lipstick in Shade 202 Rose Dressing - 1.5g - This is the sweetest little lipstick I have EVER seen in my entire life. The shade is fabulous and feels incredibly light on the lips once applied. Just one swipe over my lips was enough to pack a serious punch and after smothering my other half in smooches it left a lovely light stain on my lips.
Finally on the fragrance side of things we have:
  • Dahlia Divin & Blotter - 1ml - This is presented in a sweet organza bag which I'll keep for my jewellery whilst travelling. The fragrance is floral and slightly musky and not something which I'd pick for myself but it was lovely to have the opportunity to try such a recent fragrance launch.
  • Gentleman Only & Blotter - 1ml - Again, presented in a sweet organza bag which I've popped somewhere safe. It smells woody, spicy and has a slight citrus note to it, naturally I've passed over to Ad to have a play and see what he thinks.

I'm sure you also spotted the gorgeous little Givenchy coin pursue which just makes this box seem extra special.
Overall, I think this really is a lovely little selection of goodies and I'd highly recommend getting your mitts on a box as soon as possible. For a little over £18, it's great value for money and is a super opportunity to try the Givenchy range.

What do you think of Givenchy British Beauty Blogger Edit? I reckon it's an absolute peach!


  1. I agree that this seems like a great value for the money. The range of products is great. I've never tried a beauty box for myself, but I gifted my mom with a 3-month subscription to BirchBox last year. The contents were hit-or-miss. I don't think that she loved anything enough to go out and buy a full sized version, which is perhaps why I haven't tried a box for myself.

    These subscription boxes are getting so popular now, which hopefully means the variety and quality of goods will go up as the different companies seek to compete with one another. This Givenchy themed box seems like a real luxury. I also agree that it's a great way to get acquainted with a brand without having to splurge on full priced items. I'd love if brands like Benefit or Tarte put together sample boxes. I've always adored their branding!

    <3 Liz

    1. I had the same issue with Birchbox, sometimes the products would be wonderful, and then other times it would be a bit 'meh.' I also tried something called a Glossybox but almost every month I'd get a shower gel or an eyeliner!

      What I love about the Latest in Beauty boxes is you always know exactly what you're going to get, so in that sense, you know if you're wasting your money or not! Here, there's a great selection of goodies, I wasn't a big fan of the fragrances it came with, but hey, I've had the chance to try them out now when I wouldn't have had before.

      Oooo a Tarte beauty box would be INCREDIBLE, I'd be all over that! I've never had the chance to try their range before as it's not a brand which is easy to get hold of in the UK.

      Laura xx


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