Saturday, March 28, 2015

What Laura Wants - Spring Time Loveliness

It's been a very long time since I did this kind of post. I thought it'd be nice to revisit What Laura Wants now that we're heading into another new season and stores are overflowing with some gorgeous pieces both in terms of clothing and beauty finds!

First up, we have these cute Western Ankle Boots from Next. I'm currently on the lookout for another pair of ankle boots as my beloved M&S boots have pretty much died. They have a huge hole in the side and the padding in the soles has pretty much worn through. Tis a sad time indeed, but does mean I can justify spending some pennies. These are only £36 and they're simple enough that they'll go with most bits and pieces in my wardrobe with a small enough heel that I should be able to wear them whilst pottering about the city.

Next, it's the Louche Elisha Dress from Joy at £55. I love the shirt dress style as it's chic enough to wear for work with some cute nude heels or dress down at the weekends with a pair of converse and a sweet leather belt. This particular dress also has pockets and the skirt itself is nice and full meaning it'll flatter most body shapes and hide my tummy.

I can't do a What Laura Wants post without featuring something beauty related, after all it is my main passion! The OPI Aloha From polish is from their new Hawaii collection which is full of some seriously dreamy shades. This is a gorgeous creamy coral shade which will look beautiful on both hands and feet in the summer months and is something I quite fancy before our holiday later in the year.

Regular readers will not be at all surprised to see a piece from Oasis on here. This is the Floral  Crepe Duster and costs £50. I've tried this on and it's very loose and flowing. I thought it'd be ideal as cover up as the weather gets warmer and will look great with denim shorts when I want something to cover my bum! I do always feel a wee bit self-conscious when wearing little shorts and just feel a bit better when I have some sort of cover-up on. It just stops me feeling like I'm baring a ton of flesh!

Finally, we have the new Chanel Rouge Coco in Arthur which is simply stunning. I've had a sample of this and I'm so impressed I need to purchase this ASAP. The colour goes on super glossy, but dries down to a gorgeous long lasting matte shade. I popped this on at lunch, drank 4 cups of tea, drank from my water bottle and even worked out and this stuff was still going strong! This is more of an orange based red which suits my fair skin and again, will be a beautiful pop of colour when the sun pops out to say hello.

What's on your current want list? 


  1. Yes yes yessssss! That dress with that lipstick and nail polish would be divine! And how cute would that kimono be with a slouchy white tee, the slashed jeans Ad bought you for Xmas, and those booties? That sort of look is very Nashville. I'm noticing lots of blue and white china-inspired prints, and they are so lovely. It's a contemporary trend that feels very classic and feminine. Hmmm...maybe I need to build an outfit board! Or a wishlist! I've been so good these past three months, only spending on shoes. Maybe I'll treat myself to something this April!

    <3 Liz

    1. Hahaha! Thanks Liz, that dress is gorgeous isn't it? I'm slightly addicted to the prints in Joy at the moment, I've got several of their dresses on my birthday wish list so I'm hoping I might be lucky enough to be gifted with at least one...failing that, a little bit of self-gifting never hurt anyone!

      I MAY have bought the lipstick from the Chanel store in Covent Garden at the weekend, Ad being the absolute star that he is gave me £10 and basically said "for goodness sake just buy it now instead of waiting till we head to the airport in June." So I do have this at home ready for swatching and photo taking. YAY!

      Oooooo good thinking on the jeans front, I do love the kimono and like I say, I think it'll get a lot of use when I start being brave enough to pop on the denim shorts again.

      I don't think I've ever seen a With Wonder & Whimsy wishlist, but you do do a wicked mood board which serves as pretty fashion inspiration :)

      Oh, and a bit of self-gifting is good for you, it releases endorphins which makes you happy...happy people don't kill their husbands ;p

      Laura xx


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