Monday, March 30, 2015

Villiers Afternoon Tea - A Review

I'm a sucker for an Afternoon Tea, but I really don't like all the pompous behaviour and sometimes overly formal setting that comes with them. Especially when I plan on taking Ad with me to share the experience.

Enter Villiers, a gorgeous little dining room which is tucked away on Villiers Street in close proximity to Charing Cross Station.
Inside, there's a scrummy selection of hand baked cakes, wines and lots of seasonal small plates. Whilst I was only there for the Afternoon Tea, I can safely say I'll be back to try some of the other fare on offer!
What I loved about this Afternoon Tea is that it's probably the only Afternoon Tea I've had that didn't feel gluttonous but it was still incredibly satisfying!
For round one, we were given some open avocado and smoked salmon sandwiches, some sticky sausages and scones with jam and clotted cream.
Oh, and lets not forget some champagne! On our arrival we were told the champagne was on 2-4-1 which meant that more than one glass was happily guzzled down during our time here.
The open sandwiches were delicious, the bread was lightly toasted and the avocados were some of the creamiest I've had in a long while. The squeeze of lime really helped to cut through the richness of the salmon and made for a lovely start.
The sausages were juicy, sweet and had a little hint of heat. My only complaint is that there were an odd number which meant we had to share the last one. When food is this tasty, we hate having to share.
The final part of round one were these scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. They were lovely, crumbly and the raisins were juicy and plump. Absolutely delicious.
For the final part of our Afternoon Tea, we were given a choice of cakes. Ad naturally opted for a chocolate brownie, which, whilst a little dry was incredibly chocolatey and all come together in a gooey mess whilst he was munching. I opted for a slice of coffee and walnut cake which was, as I'm sure you can guess by now, delicious.
All in all, I was one happy bunny and well and truly enjoyed my sweet treat for the week. I left Villiers feeling satisfied but not overly full which is often the case with this kind of treat.
I loved the aesthetic of Villiers, everything from the rustic style food to the countryside feel of the furniture really worked together to create a very homely feeling little dining room.
Afternoon Tea at Villiers with Champagne costs £27 and includes all of the goodies which you can see on the menu board above. I'll certainly be back to try the other wares on offer!


  1. This is just lovely! Makes me long for Scotland! Or to plan a trip to London! My lunch is currently heating up in the oven, so this has me starving and getting impatient! I loved the formal afternoon tea we had in Scotland. The cruises we've gone on also have tea days with light little munchies and tasty sweets. What a charming little outing you and Ad had! More American cafes need to host afternoon tea. I would be there!

    Thank you for the tasty and enticing photos!

    <3 Liz

    1. If you planned a trip to London I would insist on at least saying Hi while you're over!

      I think a formal setting works really well for a trip with the girls, but Ad really isn't into that kind of thing. It makes it interesting for me as it forces me to search out something a little different. It's how I discovered the afternoon tea at the W in London and also how I discovered the Burger Afternoon Tea (if that's not designed for dudes then I don't know what is!).

      I hope my post didn't make you too hungry and that your lunch hit the spot!!!

      Laura xx


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