Saturday, May 23, 2015

Outfit Of The Day - The Rose Printed Dress

I've been a sucker for dresses this season as I'm sure you may have noticed. This little beauty from one of my favourite stores Joy, is no different.
The shirt style, the vivid blue rose print and the secret pockets are all features of this dress which make me swoon. The Louche Elisha Dress just ticks all the right boxes.
There's a fifties feel to this dress which really drew me in as I knew it'd suit my shape. It nips you in at just the right point without feeling restrictive. It also highlights my better features and skims over those bits of myself which I'd like to keep hidden if you catch my drift. If you don't, I shall elaborate, one is particularly fond of ones tiny waist and boobs and one isn't  that fond of ones tummy and thighs.
There, now that's out of the way, can we take a second to admire how graceful I am? It's hard trying to show off the fullness of the skirt by standing still I'll have you know!
Anywho, back to the outfit, I paired this with a tried and tested leather belt, cute sandals from Clarks and a super sweet rose gold feather necklace from Beaverbrooks. On the subject of which, my necklace was an absolute bargain by the way, their own range of jewellery is well worth checking out.
I actually donned this outfit for a day of shopping with Ad, it was easy to slip in and out of when I fancied trying bits and pieces on and, as I've said above, it was loose enough to not feel restrictive and comfortable to wear all day long. I even managed to do two rounds of bowling in this beauty!
Now if that doesn't make this dress a multi-tasking wonder then I don't know what does! Perhaps my super cute 'please pour me more wine' face?

Have you been into Joy this spring/summer? What do you make of their dress selection?


  1. These photos are sweet! I love the one with the little daisy! Remember me telling you I was loving china blue patterns for spring and summer? This is exactly what I'm talking about! It's such a classic print and is so timelessly feminine and lovely without veering on saccharine. The brown leather accessories are perfect for dressing it down a bit and giving it a more bohemian, relaxed feel.

    <3 Liz

  2. Thank you! I'm still trying to find my way with posing for these outfit posts, Ad says I pull the same poses every week so I'm trying to do things a little differently. Sometimes it's a little difficult when I only have the back garden to work with, I think if we ventured out a little more, I could rely on my surroundings to provide some posing inspiration.

    I think I have a thing for blue right now, everything is either navy or some sort of pastel/electric blue. It's definitely a comfort zone colour for me, but I love it!

    This dress is gorgeous, when I purchased it, the chap said to keep an eye open as they'll be releasing the same style but with different bank balance is sorta braced for impact :p

    As always, thank you for your kind words Liz!

    Laura x


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