Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Fitness Gear I Love!

I work out 5 days a week, pretty much without fail. One of the things that keeps me motivated to work out is the fact that my fitness gear looks pretty darn good! Gone are the days where working out means pairing a mangy ill fitting t-shirt with a baggy pair of shorts, work-out gear is now not only fashionable but functional as well.

Today I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite stores which sell gorgeous work out gear which you'll actually be excited to wear! 

First up, is Gap and their Gapfit range which you can find HERE. This is a fairly new discovery for me and I've really been surprised by the quality of the bits and pieces of picked up. Gap sell everything from shorts, super soft t-shirts, sports bras and even cotton capris.
My favourite pieces are the Medium Impact Sports Bra which is only £22.95 and is made with a lovely breathable jersey which wicks sweat away from the body and is surprisingly supportive. I'll use for yoga and lighter workouts. On the left we have the gSprint Shorts which I've loved so much,, I've bought them in three different colours! These are only £19.95 and have a lovely relaxed fit which allows for lots of movement without feeling restrictive. 

Next up we have Sweaty Betty which is certainly a more high end store with a price to match! I've been lusting after numerous goodies from their collection but I've not quite had the courage to part with my cash just yet. What's great about Sweaty Betty is that they have work-out gear for everything from ballet to yoga and tennis to surfing, there's something for everyone.
My picks are the Chaturanga Yoga Vest which is a super stretchy camisole top with a gorgeous 5 strapped back and would set you back £60. It's specially designed for yoga so there'd be no awkward flashing while you're in downward dog position. I think this would look gorgeous paired with the Urdhva Yoga Leggings which are a rather hefty £85. Whilst this might seem a little bit steep, these aren't your ordinary leggings and are guaranteed to be 100% opaque as well as being totally reversible. I'd have no problems wearing this combo down the shops as it's so stylish!

My final store of choice is Fabletics which many of you may be familiar with owing to the fact that one of the founders is the gorgeous Kate Hudson. What's great about Fabletics is the first outfit will only set you back £22 which means you could save yourself an absolute fortune! Fabletics tend to work in outfits (although you can pick up pieces individually) and prices vary from outfit to outfit depending on the number of pieces.
My picks are the Summerland outfit which consists of the Taylor Tank with a gorgeous draping back, the Miramar shorts and the Koia medium impact sports bra for only £52. The sports bra on it's own is worth £22 so you can appreciate just how much of a saving you're in for. My other pick is the Kanpur outfit which is the perfect slouching at home set with the loose fitting Love hoodie, the Ko Jogger pants and the Kemi light support bra for £62. All of the outfits come in a range of colours so you customise them to suit you.

Now you've seen some of my top picks, there really is no excuse for looking frumpy while working out, invest in some gorgeous pieces so you can look fabulous while working yourself to breaking point!

Have you tried any of the above stores? What are you top fitness based picks? Where do you shop for workout gear?


  1. I wish I had your motivation to be able to work out 5 days a week!!
    Love the grey and purple leggings.
    Perhaps a few new items are just what I need to get me back in the gym :)

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

    1. In all honesty, I work out that much so I can eat all of the scrummy food I want! If I didn't work out I'd probably be the size of a house...It's worth it to be able to munch my way through a tub of Ben & Jerry's with the other half each week :)

      Laura x


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