Saturday, December 14, 2013

Murad Clarifying Mask - A Review

I a few beauty routines which I stick to fairly religiously. One such routine is that every Sunday, I don a slouchy outfit (not beauty related I know, but you've been warned), whip the headband on, cleanse my face and then apply a face mask. 

One of my favourites with the plethora of Christmas get togethers with work, family and friends taking their toll is the Murad Clarifying Mask which you can pick up for £38 from the Murad website or your local concession.
This mask forms part of their Blemish Control range making it ideal to help with any ill-timed breakouts, excess oil production and pesky red patches.

As you can see it's a clay mask.  Beauty addicts will know that clay masks are ideal if you're seeking to draw out any impurities and dirt which might be clogging up your skin.  I can assure you, all the alcohol, rich food and extra chocolaty treats will be playing havoc on your skin right now so this might be something to take a peek at to give it a helping hand.
As it's a clay mask, it has a thick creamy texture which is easy to apply.  Just look at me go! Shall we take a closer peek?
You only need to leave the mask on for 10-minutes to do it's stuff so there's no excuses that you don't have the time, everyone has 10-minutes.  You will feel the clay drying out so try not to move your face around, i.e. no giggling, whilst your waiting or it'll start to crack.

I've been using this mask for a few months now and it's definitely one of my favourites. It helps to calm any red patches, reduce the size of my spots (which always seem to be on one side of my face and nowhere else!) and for a few days after use, I always feel my skin is producing less oil throughout the day which means less make-up!

This is a dependable beauty product which I always rely on for a quick fix to my problem skin and I'd thoroughly recommend it.

Do you have a favourite face mask which you rely on to sort out your skin before a big event?


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