Monday, December 30, 2013

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara - A Review

So as I may have mentioned a while ago, I got my little mitts on a Soap & Glory Yule Monty goodie box as a treat to myself over Christmas. Whilst I am more than familiar with their Bath & Body range, there are a couple of sides to Soap & Glory which are totally virgin territory to me. One such territory is their make-up range which I've heard loads about, but never really got around to trying.

Within my goodie box was their coveted Thick & Fast Mascara which you can pick up for £10 from Boots. Whilst the packaging is pretty simple, I'm not one to judge a book by it's cover, after all, it's the product inside which counts.
From what I'd read, this mascara is designed to create longer, fuller lashes with no clumping and no flaking. In addition, it contains a special polymer which helps to give your lashes some shine.

First impressions, the brush is enormous, well, it's much bigger than what I'm used to using. The obvious downside is that it was a little difficult to reach the lashes in the inner corners of my eye. The big plus is it grabbed most of my lashes with one swift swoop of the brush, ideal if you're in a rush.
I think I've said a couple of times, my lashes are naturally fairly long. As such, I thought the best demonstration for this mascara would be to go naked.  Well, only in the make-up sense. This will allow you, my lovely blog readers, to really see the effect this mascara had on my lashes.
This is my before shot, I don't own eye-lash curlers as I've said before so the after shot is literally my natural lashes with a slick of mascara.
The above is with one coat of mascara only, you could layer this on if you wanted the illusion of thicker lashes.

My initial impressions are my lashes are defined, they have good lift and they do look a heck of a lot longer than in my before shot. Considering it's my first time using the Soap & Glory make-up line I am impressed! What I really love is that my lashes don't look like I've caked them in mascara, they actually look pretty natural all things considered. A make-up bargain at only £10 a pop!

Incidentally, as my Dad is AWESOME, I had another Yule Monty box turn up in the post as an extra Christmas present as he knows how much I love Soap & Glory!  That's my mascara sorted for the next year, thanks a bundle Dad.

Have you used any Soap & Glory make-up?  What do you think I should try next?


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