Monday, March 3, 2014

Rituals - Sweet Sunrise Candle - A Review

I'm a big candle lover, even on the coldest of days, they somehow manage to make the room feel that little bit warmer.

It could be the glow they add to the room or comforting scents which they release which transport us back to days gone by when things were much simpler.

I've been a fan of Rituals for a while but I'd never really tried any of their home fragrance collection. As I was in the market for some more candles I thought it was about time to explore things a little further.

First of all, the specifics, there are numerous candles in the range including something to relax (think Lavender and Jasmine), something to vitalise (think Rosemary and Eucalyptus) and something to purify (Green Tea) the space in which they're burnt. It was tough making a decision about which candle to bring home with me as they all smelt wonderful.

Eventually I settled on the Sweet Sunrise Candle which had a light citrus orange smell with a musky undertone of cedar. Interestingly cedar is known for it's soothing properties which make this particular candle ideal to burn in the evenings.
Whilst burning, the fragrance is subtle and not overly powerful. I find the fragrance lingers long after the candle has finished burning.  Even when the candle is not burning, the natural fragrance delicately scents the room.
As a complete side note, the packaging is gorgeous and means this would make an ideal hostess gift if you're in the need for some inspiration in that respect.

The candle clocks in at £19.50 and burns for around 50 hours making this little beauty an absolute steal when compared with more high end candles which costs almost double! I can't wait to try some more bits and pieces from the Rituals home fragrance range.

Have you used any of the Rituals At Home Range? What did you think?


  1. You are selling me on this candle! It's snowy and cold here today after several warm, sunny days, so curling up with the cedar candle and watching...I don't know..."Snow Falling on Cedars"...sounds like an ideal evening. Clearly I take themes too far.

    I'm not familiar with that brand of candle. Yankee Candle is the big one here, and I also love several of the candles made for Anthropologie. I have a Balsam & Cedar candle I've been burning all winter, and it's just so cozy and serene. Isn't it funny that natural, outdoorsy smells are perfect when we want to snuggle up under a blanket and forget about all the crappy snow in the natural outdoors? That's irony, for you!

    <3 Liz

  2. I've realised candles are pretty hard to blog about, I've got my eyes on lots of Yankee candles, but over here they're certainly not cheap! They're about £8.99 for the smallest pot which is almost half the cost of my huge Rituals candle!!

    Balsam sounds like it'd be nice :) I also like the sound of clean cotton, there's nothing better than curling up into freshly washed bed linen, BLISS.

    All this talk of candles reminds me, mine are currently redundant, time to dig out the matches :)


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