Saturday, April 19, 2014

What Laura Wants - The Dior Beauty Wishlist

It seems I'm having a wee bit of a Dior moment. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, there's no denying that their make-up has a pretty good reputation, however, I'm not sure my purse strings will be grateful for the splurge. I suppose it's a good job I've got a fair old whack in Boots Advantage Card points which could ease the strain.

1) Dior Addict Fluid Stick - Adventure - £26 - First off on the list in the newest launch from Dior, their Fluid Sticks. I've been trialling these for about a week now in a variety of shades however, Adventure is hands down my favourite. The unique selling point is that they look like a lipstick, have the long lasting staying power of a lippie, the pigment you'd expect from a lipstick but they apply like a gloss. They're incredibly comfortable and after a few hours on the lip, they're more akin to a lip stain. They're lush! Adventure is a slightly more coral shade and really brings out my complexion.

2) DiorSkin - Rosy Glow - £30.50 - Much like the Lip Glow I reviewed towards the end of last week, the Rosy Glow blush works in much the same manner. Don't be frightened by the almost comical colour in the pan, the blush reacts to the moisture in your skin giving you a unique  rosy glow. As the moisture levels in your skin vary from person to person, this will never look the same on me as it does on anyone else. I tried this on for size in my local Boots and the colour was glorious, it gave my skin a lovely healthy glow.

3) DiorShow - New Look Mascara - £24.50 - A good mascara can really tie your look together. This mascara comes in three colours (including a lovely navy which would be great for a different look), a promises a really voluminous look to your lashes thanks to it's uniquely designed brush which claims to be able to grip even the tiniest of lashes.

4) Dior Top Coat - Abricot - £17.50 -  I've been using the OPI topcoat, however, as of late, now I'm towards to the bottom of the bottle and it's ruining my manicure. As such, I'm on the lookout for something new. Keeping with my Dior themed wishlist, I spotted this little beauty which claims to be quick drying and leaves your nails with a high shine finish. As a side note it claims to help your nails stay looking lovely for longer. I've never used anything within the Dior nails collection so I can't attest to how good the range is, but I'd certainly appreciate your views if you've got any experience here!

Do you have any products you'd like to try from Dior? Would you recommend I add anything to my wishlist? 


  1. Looks like you got the fluid stick and were pleased with it, judging from a more recent post. I'm really drawn to Dior's branding. They have some beautiful eye shadow palettes. They combine colors in more innovative palettes than cheaper brands. Why can't Sephora or Ulta put together such pretty palettes? Dior's price tags do put me off a bit. I feel like I'm splurging when I pick up brands like Too Faced and Benefit, and Dior costs significantly more than those. I sometimes have allergic reactions to make-up, so I'm always nervous when I try a new brand, especially if I'm laying down some serious cash.

    I will say that your blog and beauty posts have inspired me to do more with make-up and adventure with more products. I just picked up a major haul from Sephora and got a fun eyeshadow palette:

    It came with a couple of tutorial looks, so I've been having fun trying the new shadows and styles. I've gotten into such a make-up rut of doing the same look all the time, and it's been exciting and inspiring to play with new colors and liners.

    <3 Liz

  2. I have that exact same palette! Doesn't it smell incredible??? The pink eyeshadow looks a lot less scary on than it does in the pan. I've been trying out some new looks with those shadows, the purples in there are some of my favourites!

    I got the fluid stick in a slightly different shade than I had anticipated, as it's my birthday in a few weeks and I've been harping on about it so much, I was kind of worried someone might have already got it for me, so I'm being good and holding out.

    I'm very jealous you have places like Sephora and Ulta, Boots are great, but they just don't have the vast ranges you guys do in the states, some brands don't even release certain products over here, best I get a wiggle on and hop over there eh?

    I know what you mean about the price tag, I was lucky in that I'd built up a fair share of loyalty points so I didn't feel to guilty about splurging. I think if I was spending my own hard earned cash, I would have got some bits from Maybelline or Loreal as they have some lovely lip colours floating around that would be lovely for summer.

    If you worried about being sensitive to some make-up, I always find that Lancome are very good as they test all of their products on sensitive skins as well. They've bought out something called Lip Lover which are gorgeous and very similar to the fluid stick (colour of lipstick/comfort of gloss) but they're about £10 cheaper!!! Could be worth a nose.

    I stick to the same sort of make-up looks, a slick of those purple shadows works well as a liner if you have the right brush to hand!

    Laura x


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