Monday, April 21, 2014

Dior Vernis Nail Polish in 551 Aventure - A Review

Another splurge of mine recently involved some rather gorgeous polish from Dior. I feel I should point out at this stage, I've never ever purchased a high end nail varnish, the extent of my spending in this field hasn't really branched beyond OPI or Leighton Denny so this was virgin territory for me.
Dior have recently reformulated all of their nail varnishes giving them a gorgeous gel shine finish (and apparently longer wear but I can't really comment here as I never used any polishes with the old formualtion). Not only do the polishes come with a very high shine finish, but the texture of the polish actually covers a multitude of nail sins!
The colour I went for was from the new collection of colours, Aventure 551 which was £18.50 from Boots. As I'd never purchased a Dior polish before, naturally I had lots of questions for the lady on the concession namely does this polish contain chemical nasties? The answer is surprisingly no. 

In addition, I was also keen to know if the gel texture made this more difficult to apply than normal polishes? Again, the answer was no, the lady assured me the brush was designed in such a way that polish application would be a breeze. So what did I think?
First of all, yes, the brush is amazing! It was slightly larger than normal brushes with a rounded tip. This meant that instead of my usual trick of one stroke down the middle and two down the sides, on smaller nails, I could just do one swift stroke.
Next, yes, the formula is slightly (only slightly) thicker than normal polishes, but this really did cover any ridges, peeling, and slight splitting of my nails making them look absolutely flawless.
Finally, I used two coats to get the colour above, the colour is gorgeous, a slightly coral colour but it really suits my lilly white complexion. I don't tan so some coral shades just look terrible on me! 

In terms of wear, I wouldn't say this last much longer than any of my normal polishes, I applied last Wednesday, and I'm now being incredibly sad and sat typing this on the following Monday. Whilst there is NO CHIPPING whatsoever, the ends are starting to look a little worn. I should say I'm pretty heavy handed so this is normal for me.

Have you used any of the new Dior Vernis polishes? What do you think?


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