Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday Tasties No.38 - My Favourite Food Bloggers

Recently I have been sharing with you, my lovely readers, some of favourite sources of inspiration when it comes to concocting recipes. A couple of weeks ago I shared some of the cookbooks which I've relied on time and time again for tasty mid-week meal ideas but there is another source of foodspiration which is totally free.

We all know that blogging is a labour of love, so what better to way to get inspired in the kitchen than by scrolling through the writings of food bloggers and lifestyle bloggers who not only share hints and tips for daily meals, but they're also a great source for desert ideas and even cocktails. You just need to know where to look.
First up we have the awesomeness that is Domestic Sluttery which I read on almost a daily basis. Their food offerings range from these delightful looking Charoset Truffles, (I stole the picture above from their website BTW, I haven't gotten around to making my own yet!) to Gin & Tonic chicken kebabs. As a cheeky bonus, these guys also do a regular feature called The Boy & His Poison which provides handy cocktail ideas for those who are after something a wee bit different. This website is an absolute goldmine for foodspiration and the lovely people that write it have an awesome sense of humour to boot. 
Next up we have Naturally Sassy whose recipes focus on unrefined and nutrient packed ingredients. Most of the recipes will be gluten, dairy and sugar free, but don't think for a second this means the recipes you'll find here aren't tasty. There is an enormous repertoire of ideas ranging from the Raw Chocolate Fudge above (again, the picture is taken from the Naturally Sassy website, I mean look at it, doesn't it look amazing, there's no way my food would be presented that well) to a sweet potato salad with an avocado mayonnaise. Whilst I do eat meat, I find it pretty easy to just add some grilled chicken or fish if I feel the need to satisfy my meat based cravings.
You might recognise this next site from one of my recent wishlists as the writer has just released a cookbook. We're talking Oh She Glows which is another amazing resource for vegan recipes including this scrummy looking  chickpea burger (just in case you hadn't gathered yet, this picture isn't mine! It was taken by the lovely Angela Liddon who is the writer of Oh She Glows) which is made with garlic and jalapenos and general yumminess. Again, if I am craving meat or fish then the recipes can be easily adapted to suit. As well as savoury recipes there's an entire section full of desserts which you just need to take a peek at NOW if you do nothing else today. These Peanut Butter Balls are the absolute shizzle and most of the ingredients are pretty easy to find.
My final blog of choice is Deliciously Ella who you may have spotted on Sunday Brunch recently. Again, the focus is on whole foods so no processed rubbish in sight. The picture above features one of my favourite foods, pizza (this photo is taken from the Deliciously Ella website for the sake of completeness) and the crust is actually made with Cauliflower, you can find Ella's recipe HERE. Other scrummy recipes to check out include a Raw Blueberry Cheesecake and in all honesty this website tends to have me drooling on most days.

I hope you've enjoyed this post on other blogs to check out for some inspiration in the kitchen, all of the websites have amazing recipes and they're all so colourful, I hope they inspire you to try something new!


  1. I love Deliciously Ella! Every recipe I've tired comes out perfectly (and is often pretty simple) & I adore looking at 'Oh She Glows' but I'm yet to try one of her recipes..However chickpea's are a firm favourite so I may start with those burgers! Nom! :) xo
    Katie @ Cake Vs Scales

    1. All the food photos are amazing and everything looks so tasty. I had no idea about those spiralizer thingies until I looked at those sites, I'd probably rarely use it, but still I want one.

      What I love the most is that all of the food looks so colourful, my food rarely looks so pretty, I have a tendency to just fling it on the plate!

      Good luck with the chickpea burgers, I've not used this particular recipe yet but it looks as though it'd be a winner!


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