Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday Tasties No.40 - Joes Southern Kitchen - A Review

So I've finally been able to tick another restaurant off of my London Bucket List and this one was a good'un. As I'm sure you've gathered by the title of this post, I have been licking my fingers at Joes Southern Kitchen in Covent Garden.

I was smart enough to book our table for 6:00 on a Friday which not only meant the place was buzzing, but it also meant happy hour on cocktails. Me being me I took full advantage ordering a couple of tasty cocktails from their happy hour selection. In the picture below are a couple of Mojitos, a French Martini and a Margarita. I should point out there were four of us, albeit there are two cocktails missing from the below, we were a greedy bunch.
Myself and my girfriend also decided to go for their cocktail of the day as it were, a Stoli Lemonade which was far to easy to drink and on some level, a wee bit to pretty given they were decorated with tiny little flowers!
Now it's time to move onto the good stuff, the food! For those of you who aren't familiar with Joes, think deep Southern style cooking so soft shell crab, amazing chicken and tasty shrimp. As it was my first visit, the only thing that was on my hit list of things to scoff was a Big Apple Hot Dog topped with what can only be described as the most amazing pulled pork I have ever tasted.
To absorb all the alcohol I also went for a side of fries with chicken salt which, again, were delicious and crispy. Seriously, this hot dog was AMAZING, lovely and smoky and actually meaty, none of that processed rubbish here ladies!

The boys of course went for Southern Fried Chicken, Ad opted to have his with Whipped Tatties and chicken gravy and my girlfriends husband to be had some Southern Fried Tatties.
I am salivating just thinking about those whipped tatties, they were creamy and buttery and just melted in your mouth (naturally I stole a bite or two, for the blog of course) and that gravy, holy moly, seriously good stuff!
The Southern Fried Chicken was crisp and not greasy at all, I also spotted that there were very few bones which is always good to see as it means plenty of meat for us carnivores. Apologies for the photo, it was quite dimly lit in there!
Here's another one so you can see the chicken in all its chickeny based glory, so so good, albeit I didn't quite have food envy as my hot dog was so good, I was far to busy a Homer Simpson Doughnut moment.
The final teeny thing which worked it's way to our table (aside from an extra portion of that melt in your mouth pulled pork) was this super cute slider. Whilst I didn't pinch any, it certainly looked delicious and if it was half as good as the rest of the food, I bet it was scrummy.

Overall, I was seriously impressed with Joes Southern Kitchen, I thought that perhaps the cocktails would be scrummy and the food be OK but I was very very wrong. This meal is seriously one of the best I've had out in a while, I'm still salivating two days later and can't stop talking about it! Mr Y, if you're reading this, we need to go and scoff as the pulled pork is a thing of delight.

If you are planning on visiting soon, be sure to book, this place gets busy!

Have you been to Joes Southern Kitchen? What did you think?


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