Monday, July 7, 2014

Estelle & Thild - Eye Balm - A Review

I hate products which contain one to many ingredients, in particular I prefer to seek out products which are free from Parabens and Mineral Oils, these things are just not good for the skin. As I've said before my skin always seems to react pretty badly when I use anything with those sorts of ingredients for any prolonged period of time.

This leads me nicely onto Estelle & Thild which I've spotted many a time in Selfridges but didn't really know much about it and therefore never parted with my cash. As of late, I've done a wee bit of digging around and the specifics you need to know include the fact that it's a Swedish Organic brand packed with ingredients which actually work and that all of their products are free from Parabens, mineral oils and sodium laurel sulphate.

In short, this brand is right up my street given my love of brands such as Origins so I thought to myself I'd grab a couple of bits when I next needed a new cleanser or the like.

Those plans were kind of shot when I spotted quite a few bits from their collection in none other than TK Maxx, yes, you read right ladies, TK Maxx and at ridiculously marked down prices. I picked up a few pieces and I'll be sticking the reviews up as and when I've had a chance to really use the products.
First up is the Eye Balm which is fragrance free and cost me a whole £7.99 (it's normally £26.50). Whilst it's free from fragrance, I would say that there is a a slight smell which is almost akin to lanolin (if you've ever used Dr Lipp you'll get me).
The product itself comes in a handy pump bottle and promises to reduce puffiness whilst hydrating the eye area using a combination of Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Beeswax. Other ingredients include chestnut and black elderflower, but, as I've said, these aren't really detectable in terms of smell but they work to protect the delicate skin around your eyes none the less.
The texture isn't as thick as I'd expected given the product is called a balm. It's quite difficult to describe the texture and consistency,  it's not as light as a lotion but it's not as a heavy as a cream either. It has a slightly oily feel to it as you'd expect from a balm but it doesn't sit on the skin and is quickly absorbed.

When I first used the product there was an oily fluid which came out of the pump along with some product, but this only happened on my first use and hasn't happened since.

I've been using this as part of my evening routine as I fancied something a little more intensive on the hydration side. As the weather has been getting hotter, the air con has reached maximum levels and this is playing havoc on my skin resulting in a couple of small changes, this being one of them.

I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and I've really enjoyed it, it sinks in ridiculously quickly and the skin around my eyes feels nourished without feeling oily. In the mornings I reckon it actually looks perkier around there with no dry patches in sight. 

For £7.99 you definitely need to pick this up, especially if you're a fan of skincare with a focus on natural and organic ingredients. As an indicator of what to expect from Estelle & Thild, I'm impressed, so much so, I must resist the urge to pick up everything else I spotted in TK Maxx!

Have you used Estelle & Thild before? What else should I try? 


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