Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday Tasties No.42- Bills - A Review

It's no secret that Ad and I love good food, so on a recent trip to Brighton I decided it was about time I headed over to Bill's to see what all the fuss was about. I'd heard it was the place to head to for good, no fuss grub and it's safe to say, things were scrummy.
The menu was full of things which took my fancy including burgers, fish finger sandwiches, mac 'n' cheese and fish pie. It was actually pretty tough to make a decision, looking around at what other people were eating didn't really help as everything looked scrummy. 
Before I move onto the food, I felt it necessary to share with you the tiny little salt & pepper shakers, how cute are these? Oh, and the pretty rustic/warehouse feel with vintage tins for your cutlery, the chillies hanging from the ceiling and the slates telling the story of Bill's floating around the room. Oh, and there were lots of little treats which you could take home with you including fudge and even the beer. All these little touches made me feel relaxed and ready to stuff my face (ever the lady eh).
To start we opted for the crispy lemon squid which was cooked to perfection. The coating was crunchy without being overly oily and the squid was soft with no hint of rubberyness in sight. The other big plus for me was that there were 6 pieces which meant no arguing over who gets the extra piece!
It should come as no surprise that Ad opted for the Bill's hamburger with guacamole and skinny French fries. The burger was apparently well seasoned, with tasty sauce although Ad isn't sure if there was guacamole or not, of course he only realised this the morning AFTER he'd eaten the burger. C'est la Vie. 
I also went for a burger (don't go rolling your eyes at me!) but I fancied something lighter in the form of a chicken and chorizo burger. The chicken was juicy with a nice smoky flavour although my love of chorizo means that I would have happily accepted a wee bit more on my burger.

Overall, the food was lovely, tasted fresh and really hit the spot. The atmosphere in Bill's was wonderful and the ascetic really appealed to me as I'm not one for being overly formal. The staff were lovely and friendly and seemed genuinely happy to be there which just adds to that welcoming atmosphere.

All in all a great experience and I reckon we'll be back for more. I was suffering food envy when I spotted the fish finger sandwich and for that reason, I need this dish in my life.

Have you been to Bill's? What did you think?


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