Saturday, July 19, 2014

Outfit of the Day - A Deeper Shade of Blue

And there's nothing I can do.....oh Steps, you were so very very random.

Moving swiftly on, currently in the UK it's warm and very sticky, like seriously sticky. Our flat is so warm I've taken to wearing shorts, loose fitting dresses and generally anything that won't cling to my body. Outside of the office, I've been following the same non-cling rules as it just makes everything that much more comfortable.
Today I'm wearing some sale bargains and some golden oldies:

Shorts: Oasis - Scarf Print Ditsy Short - £18.00 (reduced from £28.00)
Top: Topshop Jersey Vest - £6.00, there's something similar HERE
Jacket: Oasis - Loved By Mollie - Mid-Wash Carly Denim Jacket - £45.00
Bag: Marks & Spencer - Indigo Collection - Sadly it's sold out in the sales!
Boots: Clarks
Shades: Rayban -New Wayfarer (2132) - £75

The shorts are made from a nice thin material and, as they're not fitted in any way shape or form, I can see me wearing these a lot over the summer. The material kinda feels silky (but at £18.00, they're obviously not made from silk) against the skin and I like the addition of little pockets which are sneakily hidden on the sides.
I'm not sure why I chose to tie my jacket around my waist, as you can see, the weather was glorious so I didn't even need to bring it with me but I'm one of those girls who would rather have and not need, than need and not have. I think tying the jacket this way adds a kind of 90's feel which again, adds to that slouchy relaxed feel of the outfit.
I reckon the prints on the shorts (does this print remind anyone else of the old-fashioned Willow Patterns?)  is complimented nicely by the lace pattern on the bag which you can see in the first photo. As I wanted the print to be the focus of the outfit, I kept everything else pretty simple, picking out one accent colour to bring the outfit together.
Hot weather means minimal make-up, so it should come as no surprise that I'm wearing the tried and tested combination of Lancome Air De Teint and the Hourglass Dim Infusion on my cheeks. On my eyes I've used a couple of shades from the Chanel Les Ombres Palette in Vendome using the highlighter shade all over the lid and the lighter brown shade in my crease. 

To help my eyeshadow stay put for longer, I've used the Benefit Stay Don't Stray Primer all over the lids. On my lips I've used my Dior Lip Glow not least of all because it contains a light SPF. 

Do you have any summer staples to help you keep cool?


  1. Yay! Another outfit post! I can feel the sticky, sweaty haze coming off of these photos. And I hear you! We've had our share of it in Nashville, too. I don't even want to go out in it unless it's to the pool or the movie theater. I totally see 90's grunge coming back into fashion, and I see a little bit of it here, too. But I like that your outfit has more of a bohemian, feminine feel. I love the lace tassel bag! I appreciate your make-up tips for hot weather because I usually go sans foundation and eyeshadow if we're going to be walking around outside. My face always melts off. Not. so. cute.

    <3 Liz

    1. I know, it's been a while, sometimes I don't feel like my outfits are all that inspiring! I think I'm still trying to find my style as it were.

      It's been 30 degrees c this week which is really hot for London, despite the thunder storms and rain, the humidity is showing no signs of letting up - it's crazy!

      That bag is gorgeous isn't it? It was reduced from £40 to £20 in the sale and I had to have it!! It's funny because when I first showed my friends they were quite indifferent, but now it's packed full of stuff, I've been getting lots of compliments.

      No worries about make-up tips, I'm pretty much wearing the same thing every day in the summer as it's not heavy and lets my skin breath. You'll be pleased to know, I'm preparing another post as we speak!


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