Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Tasties - No.43 - Boho Gelato - A Review

This is one of my favourite spots in Brighton, it's a tradition for Ad and I to pop in EVERY SINGLE time we head to Brighton.
For those of you who aren't familiar with Boho Gelato it's a traditional Italian style ice cream parlour which serves both the safe flavours of vanilla and chocolate, but the reason I head here is the not so conventional flavours which vary from week to week.
Everything is made fresh on location using Sussex milk, however, there are also treats for Vegans and those we aren't able to enjoy Dairy so be sure to ask when you pop in, the staff are more than happy to help. Everything looks gorgeous doesn't it?
It was pretty tough for me to get a photo through the glass, but the flavours I can spot here include Cherry Bakewell, After Dinner Mint, Strawberry Basil & Black Pepper Sorbet, Alfonso Mango, Chocolate and Nutell-esque.
This time, I opted to go for three scoops (I had a voucher which gave me three scoops for the price of two so it seemed rude not to) and had some of the Lavender & Honey, Jam Donut and Strawberry Basil & Black Pepper.
The portions are pretty generous and despite being quite an odd mix of flavours, everything works pretty well together. This is especially the case when everything starts melting and melding into one big mess of flavour. You wouldn't think the lavender would work with the strawberry, but trust me, it really does.
Can you tell I'm pretty chuffed to be getting my Boho fix? I can assure you that this didn't last that long, it was so toasty I was just grateful for something cool me down a little.

If you fancy heading to Boho Gelato, then be sure to keep your peepers peeled for the sign below.

Have you been to Boho Gelato? What did you think? What are your favourite flavours?


  1. This makes me feel all nostalgic because when I used to spend a lot of time in Chamonix there was a place like this and it was our after dinner tradition to get scoop and wonder around people watching and enjoying. Needless to say I love places like this but I always end up pacing up and down trying to choose my flavour's, I like that there's a vegan option - I rarely have diary (apart from treats/crazy moments) as it doesn't really agree with me but sometimes I just *need* icecream! Nom!

    1. I love that this can be a treat for almost anyone, I mean you can stick to the sorbets if you don't fancy a dairy treat. The strawberry, basil and black pepper really was delicious, I was surprised as I thought perhaps the basil element would be a little to overpowering but it really worked.

      Everytime I come in here there are some really unusual flavours, they once had Olive Oil which was AMAZING and really worked.

      I get nostalgic with a few of the things Ad and I do, although I've noticed they all involve sweet treats, ice cream, Bens Cookies and various Cupcakeries. It's a good job I exercise!!!

      As a side note, if you grab one of the Brighton leaflets (and travel by train) you can get three for the price of two - being a total sweet tooth, I use this to get three scoops ;p

  2. Great pictures! This all looks delicious, and that photo of you is the sweetest! I've only had a couple of gelatos because I'm not a big sweets person. I'll pick chocolate chip cookies for dessert every time. But I have had a couple of amazing flavors: sea salt caramel and ginger. Yes, ginger! It was 100 degrees out, and we toured this creamery as a way to spend a Sunday. We bought a few chunks of their cheeses on the way out, but they also had a gelato counter. They recommended ginger to beat the heat, plus they put little chunks of sugar-candied ginger in there. It was so delicious! I am craving it now! Your jam donut flavor sounds super delicious too!

    We tried a new ice cream place last night for an impromptu date because we have to go out for ice cream at least once during the summer. It's tradition! It's a frozen yogurt spot, and you top it with any array of their treats. I got cupcake batter yogurt topped with strawberries, marshmallows, sprinkles, and Cinnamon French Toast Cereal. Because, as we all know, I am six. Cheers to frozen summer treats!

    <3 Liz

    1. Thanks Liz, Ad took the one of me, it's my typical, 'this is bliss' yummy food face! I have such a sweet tooth, I always prefer a dessert over a starter, I think maybe I was deprived of sweet things as a child or something ;p

      Wow, ginger sounds really interesting, I can really see the crystallised ginger would work really well in a pudding setting, maybe mixed with dark chocolate in a torte? The fire of the ginger contrasting with the fruity dark chocolate notes.

      Mmmmmm, frozen yoghurt. Ben & Jerry have just bought out some Greek style flavours this summer which are delicious. Luckily last night in London they were giving away HUGE free samples! I got to try the Greek Yoghurt and Honey and the Raspberry with Dark Chocolate Chunks, both were delicious.

      Your cupcake batter sounds incredible, I have never seen that flavour before....Cinnamon French Toast? I frikken love cinnamon, that sounds as though it'd be really comforting as well a chilling you down.

      I love summer, it's the best excuse ever to indulge in some of my favourite deserts (and copious amount of fruit cider).

      Hope you're having a good one!!!

      Laura x


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