Monday, July 21, 2014

Hourglass - Dim Infusion - Ambient Lighting Blush - A Review

Since I started blogging, the Ambient Lighting Powders from Hourglass seemed to be on everyone's hit list, however, at that time, I'd never even stepped into a SpaceNK let alone heard of Hourglass and didn't really see what all the fuss was about.

As time went on, I thought to myself 'maybe I should give them ago, they could perk up my skin,' but I never got around to swatching the powders and there always seemed to be something else that I actually NEEDED in the skincare department which took precedence.

Eventually, I'd built up enough points to secure myself a £5 N.dulge voucher to treat myself with and I thought to myself it was about time. Ooooooo can't you just feel the tension, how will this story end I hear you cry?
Well, regular readers of my blog will know I am a lover of multi-tasking products. I strolled into SpaceNK many moons later, determined to leave with a treat to myself, something that I actually wanted and ended up grabbing the Ambient Lighting Blush from Hourglass, a fusion of their much loved Ambient Lighting Powders (which I'd been so desperately seeking to try it took me 6 months to get around to it!) with a delicate swirl of colour.
Some of the shades looked a wee bit scary, so I opted for Dim Infusion which is a pretty peach shade.

We, by that I mean you guys of course, are no doubt aware of my concern with powder blushes and pores in the summer months, but this one is actually different as it doesn't contain talc! It's so lightweight I can barely feel it on my skin (or see it when applying my make-up in the morning for that matter) but step outside a BOOM, a transformation takes place and your skin has this wonderfully subtle yet glowing flush.
I think part of this is down to the fancy technology which exists in the Ambient Lighting Powders which is designed to reflect light in such a way, it makes your skin glow and seem almost perfect.

If you're after a blush which is highly pigmented and delivers a big pop of colour, this probably isn't for you, the colour I got was very subtle as I've said above. These are probably buildable but as I'm so pale I haven't really tested this theory.

Highlighting wise, I'd say again, the effect is very subtle, I couldn't spot any glitter or shimmery particles which makes this great for daytime use. I've no idea how this stuff works but for some reason my skin did seem to have more of a soft-focus style natural glow.
All in all, I'd say this is worth a look if you're a natural loving make-up girl like me and fancy a real treat, this isn't a need product that's for sure, but it's certainly earned itself a permanent place in my everyday make-up bag.

At £28 a pop this certainly isn't cheap but it's one of the best powder blushes I've tried. Plus, whilst not really relevant to it's performance as a product, check out that marbling, it's gorgeous and each blush is done by hand in Italy meaning each one is unique.

Have you tried the Ambient Lighting Blushes from Hourglass? Which shade did you go for?


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