Monday, August 4, 2014

Moa - The Green Balm - A Review

I love a balm cleanser, it's great for the end of the day when I feel the need for a double cleanse. I'll use a balm to remove my make-up and then whatever cleanser I fancy to really get into my pores and sorts things out.
I'd heard of The Green Balm a few times prior to investing in it myself, a lot of people had described as one of those wonder products which can be used for anything. Whilst I'm here rambling anyway it's list of uses includes:
  • Healing eczema 
  • Soothing insect bites
  • Soothing grazes
  • Healing coldsores
  • Cleansing your face
  • Preventing scarring from blisters
  • Conditioning your lashes
Anyways, the primary reason I wanted to get my mitts on this was to use it as a cleansing balm as it's free from parabens and chemical nasties. The extra uses are simply a bonus as far as I'm concerned. It's important to know though, that the reason why this is so multi-functional is because it's packed full of natural ingredients.
In case you were unsure about the contents of The Green Balm, the packaging spells it out for you. You won't find a single nasty ingredient in here just Yarrow, tea tree oil, coconut, bees wax, sweet almond and soy which work together to effortlessly remove your make-up and heal your skin.
As a cleansing balm, this stuff is pretty great, I take just a small amount with my finger, rub my fingers together until the product forms an oil and massage this into my face for around a minute. It seemed to remove my waterproof mascara with very little effort which is a big plus in the cleansing department (Am I the only person who finds it a pain to use a separate cleanser to remove my eye make-up?). It didn't sting my eyes at all and my skin didn't react to any of the ingredients.
After massaging, I rinse this off with hot water and a flannel. The only thing I would say is that this did leave a slight film on my skin so I've only been using this in the evenings as part of a double cleanse. I don't think I would use this early in the morning as a stand alone cleanser as I don't really like that residue sensation. I imagine for ladies with very dry skin though, this would be ideal.

All in all The Green Balm definitely delivers on the cleansing front and my lashes do feel lovely and soft. Sadly I can't attest to the other uses at this stage as I've not really given them a go! The only cons with this product for me are, as I've said above, it does leave a slight residue, and the only other con is that I did pay around £10 for a small 50 ml pot. 

Whilst I appreciate a little goes a long way and this tiny pot will last me AGES, I did feel it was a wee bit expensive for what it was given that the Body Shop Chamomile butter is £12 for 90 ml. Each to their own I reckon, given the extra uses for The Green Balm, perhaps it's worth its weight in gold!

Have you used The Moa Green Balm? What did you think? Have you used this for anything other than cleansing?


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