Saturday, April 18, 2015

Outfit Of The Day - Playful in Pink

Today, I'm sharing another sale bargain of mine which has been tucked away for a wee while. This was an absolute steal having been reduced from £50 to a bargainous £11.99. It would have been rude to say no right?
Ad took some candid photos this week, if you're not sure what I mean, then look at the above shot. I was contemplating what sort of poses to pull and Ad was happily snapping away. In the interests of keeping things a little different, I thought instead of hitting delete, I'd upload some of the nicer shots.
This week I'm wearing:

Jacket: Oasis
Dress: Gap
Belt: Primark
Shoes: Converse

Whilst the cut of the dress is fairly simple, there were a couple of aspects which made it stand out to me. One of which being the exposed zip detailing to the back. Great for adding interest, not so great if you're trying to avoid chipping your nails.
The print and colour were what really drew me in. I have very few items in my wardrobe which are pink, it's not really one of those colours which I'm instantly drawn to so I thought, what the heck, try something different for once and get out of your comfort zone.
The print is a whimsical white, black and grey floral number. It's probably a little more dated than some prints you see in stores nowadays, but given fashion is so fickle and constantly harking between the 80's, 70's, 60's and even the 90's I'm not all the bothered, I think it's awesome!
Again, I wanted something comfy and fun so I paired this with my cherry print converse and nipped things in with a skinny belt. Oh, and did you spot, I'm modelling the pockets this time? Such a handy feature!
My hair during the shoot was not in the mood for cooperating, it was flat and lifeless and clearly called for a good old ruffling with the hands! Make-up, again, you've got to keep things simple with this kind of dress. Natural eyes and a pretty pink flush in the cheeks and the most fed up look you can muster.
Anyone who says I take myself too seriously clearly hasn't seen my unimpressed face above. Ain't it a beauty? Lordie knows why I'm struggling a smile nowadays but apparently things were getting serious.

Are you still enjoying prints? Any other suggestions for styling the above piece? If you have any tips on faces and/or poses which might be good for future outfit posts please ping them over, I'm conscious my poses are becoming somewhat repetitive. 


  1. Lovely outfit! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award up on my blog, check it out if you like! :)

    1. Thank you! I'll be sure to take a peek and do another Liebster post soon!

      I'm glad you enjoyed my post.

  2. I love your converse and the dress is so darn pretty!
    It's seriously hard to pose for 'outfit' pictures, I went to pieces the first time I had too and my fella got wound up pretty fast trying to 'work with me' but you look fab! :) x

    1. I know Converse can be kinda juvenile but they're some of the comfiest shoes around! They're a must for plodding around the city.

      I'm struggling to pose for outfit photos, looking back on some of my posts, I'm pulling pretty much the same face and same pose every single week. The other half doesn't really help in terms of coming up with suggestions of how else to 'arrange myself' as it were. I think I might grab some fashion mags or something and see what they do!

      Thanks for the compliments, I'm really growing to love dresses I must say!

      Laura x

  3. Yes, Laura! You knew I'd love this look, right? It's pink. Obviously I love that. But I'm also obsessed with floral prints that look like vintage wallpaper. So this is perfect! If I came across this dress, I'd snatch it up too, especially at that bargain price! I love that you styled it in an almost childlike way. It feels very nostalgic and playful. I think it's darling, without being too sweet. Your "fed up face" certainly helps with that, too. lol Gotta sneak that sass in there somewhere!

    How would I style this?...hrmmmm. Well, I did just buy a white denim jacket, but would that be too saccharine for you? What about a black moto jacket and boots? Or brown strappy sandals, a cardigan, and a swingy pendant necklace?

    Of course I'm still obsessed with prints, florals mostly. What a surprise, I know. I do like the Asian orchid prints around, but I've seen them more on the runway than on store racks. That means they'll be around soon, right? Have a great weekend!

    <3 Liz

    1. Haha! I thought this one would catch your eye ;p I'm not usually a pink girl but I just loved the quirkiness of the print, even if it does remind me of my nans curtains!!

      I thought the converse and denim would keep things fun and playful so I'm really pleased that you got that vibe.

      I don't think I've worn anything super sweet before, I'm trying to get a little out of my comfort zone with clothes and I'm certainly getting there but I've noticed I'm heading more towards androgynous styles than anything else. Perhaps I'll keep my peepers peeled for more white denim :)

      I love your idea of a moto jacket and boots I reckon I could roll with that. I had toyed with some brown strappy sandals before opting for the converse but as the weather was looking a little temperamental I decided against it. Maybe next time!!!

      I love Asian style prints, I've spotted some gorgeous ones popping up in our stores (and Oasis of course) so I'm sure they will be heading your way soon!

      Thanks for the style tips Liz :)

      Laura xx


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