Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday Tasties No.48 - Hache - A Review

Yes, I am still trekking across London in a bid to find the perfect burger, I currently have a very definite top 5 in my head but would point out that this obviously subjective to me! There are still a few places I need to head to before compiling a top 5 post but I don't think we're far off now.

This week took me to Hache which I'd read nothing but rave reviews about so I was pretty excited to see what was on offer. The menu offered a range of salads and burgers including duck and the more unusual beef variety, namely peanut butter and cheese. I was assured that this is actually one of their best sellers although I can't say I was brave enough to try that on this occasion.
I do feel a special shout out should be given to the decor which was beautifully femine, think chandeliers, bird cages and delicate touches of pink. As the restaurant was a little on the dimly lit side, this does mean my pictures aren't as crisp as they usually are, but I tried my best!
So this week I wasn't quite feeling up to the usual beef burger and I therefore opted for the duck burger which the menu promised would come complete with spring onions, cucumber and hoi sin sauce which seemed to tick all the boxes of what I was craving at that moment in time. I had a choice of either a brioche bun or a ciabatta roll and asked the waiter to bring me whichever was best.
I have to say, I'm not entirely convinced that the burger sauce was meant to be on the bottom of my burger, it didn't quite seem to fit with the oriental flavours. Don't get me wrong, the duck was incredibly tender and it was clearly a fabulous cut as it wasn't too fatty. The crisp spring onions and cucumber complimented the sweet hoi sin sauce fine enough but I just have no idea why the orange burger sauce was there.Sadly, it made my burger overly rich and I actually found it very difficult to finish.
Ad opted for the Steak Catalan which came with grilled chorizo and tomato jam, he also asked for his burger to be blue (yuck!). Sure enough, I've never seen a pinker burger so Ad was pretty darn chuffed, the chorizo was sweet yet spicy and the patty itself was well seasoned.
For sides we kept things simple, some beer battered onion rings and Hache frites. The onion rings were tasty but a little greasy for my liking which probably contributed to the feeling of an incredibly rich meal. The frites were thin and crispy, just how I like them.

Overall, Hache just felt like a very rich experience for the both of us, whilst Ad was able to polish off most of his burger, the two of us really struggled to finish the meal. I think if we were to go back, we'd keep things simple, opting for ciabatta over brioche and maybe skipping the sides. Given that I've had so many awesome burger related experiences lately this didn't quite hit the mark for, maybe I need to gives things another go?

Have you been to Hache? How did you find it? Do you think I need to give things another and keep it simple?


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