Monday, November 10, 2014

Aromatherapy Associates - Ultimate Bath & Shower Collection

During last years sales, I was determined to bag me some bargains from SpaceNK. I'd been rather keen to try the rather lovely Aromatherapy Associates for some time, but I was struggling to decide what fragrance to go for. Having been on a sniffing mission, I was struggling to pick just ONE
During the scales, I managed to get my mitts on the Aromatherapy Associates Ultimate Bath & Shower Collection for a mere £25.00 reduced from £50.00. What use is this to you I hear you cry? Well I've spotted this exact same kit on Look Fantastic for £42.50 which you can grab HERE.

What's great about this collection is that it contains nine 7.5ml bottles of some of their best selling fragrances including Relax Deep, Relax Light, De-stress Mind, De-Stress Muscle and Support Breathe to mention but a few. This obviously gave me a chance to try a little bit of everything before making a final decision. After being burgled last Christmas, one of the first things I did (besides waiting for the Police to do their thing and leave) was to run a hot bath full of the Relax Deep which really helped me to calm down with it's beautiful combination of camomile and sandalwood. 
To use, just pick your oil of choice, head to bathroom and start running a bath. I tend to use three capfulls of oil which is more than enough to fill not only my bathroom with gorgeous fragrance, but my entire house as well! As you can see, I've taken a fair chunk out of the Support Lavender & Peppermint which is fabulous for when you're feeling a wee bit under it.
Presently, I'm full of some kind of cold, naturally it's kicked in right before I'm due to go away on holiday. I've been coughing a fair old bit, my eyes are dry and sore and my head literally feels as though someone is giving it a good old squeeze. Ughhhhhhh.

A big old bath of this stuff along with a mini pamper session is just what the Dr ordered. What's really great is that the fragrance sticks around meaning you can keep it with you as the day goes on. For my lovely readers who are keen to pick up a bargain in this years sales, I'd recommend heading over to SpaceNK now to take a peek at what's available. Click HERE to check out the new festive range and be sure to check back on Boxing Day!

All in all, this kit is great value for money and a fabulous opportunity to try a little bit of everything from such a well established brand. What do you? What's your favourite Aromatherapy Associates fragrance?


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