Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bootea Teatox - 14 days in

If you missed my first post on the Bootea Teatox, you can catch up HERE. The long and short of it is that I'm trying a Teatox by Bootea which consists of having a cup of the Daytime Detox in the morning and the Bedtime Cleanse before bed every other day.

Today marks the 14 day mark so I thought I'd let you know how I was getting on.
First of all, I've been able to integrate both sets of tea into my routine pretty easily and haven't missed any 'doses' so to speak. Both lots of tea actually pretty pleasant to drink and I've been getting two cups from each bag. Even Ad has commented on how pleasant the Daytime Detox was when he stole a sip.
On the Bedtime Cleanse front, we have had great success so to speak, 7 out of 7 times after having had the tea, I've had to go. I know, I know, TMI but you're reading this post so you must have expected it!

Other things to report to you are that my tummy does appear flatter and less bloated. This was something which I noticed within the first few days of having the tea.

A lovely colleague at work also commented on great my skin looks at the moment. I must say, it does seem to be a lot clearer and more even texture wise but I'm not 100% convinced this is down to the tea alone. It could be down to the fact that I'm no longer stuffing my face with sweet treats every five seconds like I was during the festive period, but it could equally be down to the fact that my body is flushing out lots of toxins, who knows?

Another awesome thing for me is that I've had NO tummy pain since I've started the Teatox. This is a pretty big deal for me, as I usually suffer with terrible tummy pain at least once a week and no amount of pain killers will shift it. Cue me looking fairly crippled in the corner not wanting to move.

The above point alone is enough to keep me going with the Teatox and I do think that if, after the 28 days I'm still getting the results I need, I'll probably keep buying the tea, perhaps in the 14 day boxes as opposed to the 28 day ones. Either way, no more tummy pain means a pretty chipper Laura.

I'll be sure to update you again in the next 14 days with my final thoughts so to speak.

I hope you're finding this helpful if you're undecided about whether to buy the Bootea Teatox. Please don't hesitate to leave me a comment if you have any questions!


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