Monday, January 26, 2015

Sephora Lotus Mask - A Review

I love a face mask, if you read my blog you'll know that taking some time out on a Sunday evening to mask myself up is part of my weekly routine. During my first visit to Sephora, I decided to stock up on a ton of their natural fibre sheet masks, you know, they just looked fun and I fancied something new.
These retail for $6 a pop, but given they come in tidy wee packages, they're super handy if you're one for travelling. There is a whole range of masks, each is infused with a different active ingredient ranging from moisturising and soothing like the Lotus Mask above, to nourishing and balancing in the Honey Mask. Back to the product at hand, the Lotus Mask claims hydrate, but also to reduce the signs of stress and fatigue 
I really enjoyed using the mask, it was fairly simple to use namely cleanse skin, open the sachet, unfold the mask, plonk on your face, leave for 10-15 minutes, remove mask, massage in the left over product and you're done. No rinsing here.

Now to see the mask in action
That is some seriously scary stuff. The things I do for you guys. Hopefully you get the general gist, there are a couple of holes so you can breathe.

My only issue with the mask was that it was literally SATURATED in product, I mean it felt a little bit like the product was going to drip off the mask and trickle down my face. As you can see, it was so saturated I was struggling to keep it on my face.

The other con for me was that $6 for a single use seemed a little much, to make things a little more economical, I used the mask and then I'd flip it over and Ad would use it. There was more than enough product left over to have used it a couple more times but alas, into the bin it went.

Overall, a lovely product for a one off treat but I reckon in future I'll be sticking with a tube as it's far more economical.

Have you used the Sephora Fibre Masks? What did you think?


  1. AHHHHH!!! So scary! Very "Halloween."

    Scary too that it was so saturated it was dripping off your face. I'm quite intrigued by the descriptions of lotus and honey, though. After a long day, I'd definitely be tempted by something claiming to temper stress and fatigue.

    I quite like mud and clay masks. I do them with my mom when we visit, and I'll also smear one on for a low-key Saturday night. LUSH's cupcake is heavenly!

    I definitely look to bubble baths, masks, and moisturizing as rituals of self care and pampering. Bonus points the laughs/screams that come with catching myself in the mirror looking like Halloween's Michael Myers! Maybe they're worth the $6 for that alone?

    <3 Liz

    1. I think sometimes with blogging you have to be able to laugh at yourself, I have to say, I do feel like quite a plonker but it's cool, I'll get over it!

      Aye, it's crazy saturated and I think the picture shows just how wet the mask was, it really did feel like a bit of waste to use it just the once hence why Ad and I decided to share. He looked equally amusing not least of all because the mask wouldn't stick to his beard hair!!

      I really do enjoy taking the time to take off my make-up and follow my cleansing routine, it's one of those rituals which I like to take my time over!

      Laura x


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