Monday, January 19, 2015

Kiko Luscious Punk Lip Set - A Review

My trip to Rome last year lead to a new  beauty discovery, that being Kiko Cosmetics. The best way which I can think to describe them is half way between a budget beauty brand and a luxurious beauty brand. The packaging often screams high end beauty but the products are surprisingly affordable and really good quality.
The Luscious Punk Lip Set contains a lipstick and a matching lipliner which cost a paltry 14 euros at the time I believe, although these particular kits are £9 in the UK Kiko Cosmetics sale HERE. I know, I know, euros and pounds, I should really be consistent.
As you can see, I opted for the more rose based of the shades available as I wanted something which looked like my lips, but better.
The lipstick itself is slightly glossy and borderline matt however, as it contains mango butter it's not drying on the lips at all and actually feels pretty nourishing. What I really loved about the lipstick was that the bullet nib is squared off, much like the newly launched (well, newish) Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks. The lipstick certainly looks and feel more expensive than it is.
As a plus, the lipliner winds up making for easy application and you don't need to worry about having a sharpener to hand!
The liner is water resistant, non-transferable and incredibly long lasting. The feeling on my lips was a little odd as it almost felt tacky, as in, when I pressed my lips together, they were kind of sticky (hope that makes sense guys!). In all honesty, I found the liner to be a little drying so it's not something I would use on a day to day basis but it certainly did all it claimed to do on the tin.
In both swatches, the liner is on the top with the lipstick on the bottom. I wanted to get pictures in different lights to give a clearer reflection of the product.
All in all, I suspect I will be getting into my lip products in a big way this year. I think that rose based shades are a great introduction as they're subtle but feel like a step in the right direction to being braver with colour.

The lipstick in the Luscious Punk Lip Set is really lovely and fabulous value for money. I have a feeling this could be a slippery slope.

Have you tried any Kiko Lipsticks? Any tips on being braver with lip colour?


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