Monday, March 2, 2015

A Couple of Great Beauty Reads

I love to read, but sometimes I'm not in the mood for a full on novel. I love to read features in magazines about new beauty launches and I also enjoy reading bits and pieces which give me handy information on what's in my favourite beauty product, or what ingredients to look for to help improve my skin. 
These two books are currently rocking my world. Both are very different but I'm really enjoying getting stuck into both.
The first is Sali Hughes 'Pretty Honest' which I was very kindly given as a Christmas present. As the cover says, it's a straight-talking beauty companion and gives no nonsense beauty advice for us regular ladies. Sali covers everything from teenage beauty, make-up essentials, grooming in public and even how to handle counter staff when buying make-up and skincare. The book is fantastically written and it feels as though she's there talking to you.

I'd highly recommend this for any beauty addict. As a side note, it's great for bedroom reading as each segment is nice, short and very much to the point. No waffling in sight.
Next up, is the Neal's Yard Beauty Book which I've only had for a few days so I'm still working through it. Inside, it's got everything a beauty enthusiast could need and it's bursting full of useful information. The book covers, well, almost everything you could need and covers common ingredients found in skincare (and what they do), natural ingredients (again, what they do and how they benefit the skin) and there's also a big section of recipes which you can use to create your own skincare goodies at home!
Whilst I've not tried any of the recipes yet, I can't wait to give these a go and see how I get on. Who knows, maybe I could become so good at making my own skincare, I won't need to spend a penny on moisturiser ever again?

So there you have it, two awesome beauty reads for you beauty fanatics out there. Do let me know if you've tried to Neal's Yard recipes as I can't wait to give them a go. Have you read either of these? Are there other books you'd recommend me getting hold of?


  1. Oh wow! These are great recommendations Laura. The second book looks a bit intimidating, almost like a textbook, but it sounds so very helpful. I've been having some wicked allergy issues lately, and I'm currently in the midst of testing for food, environment, medicine, and product allergies. This book would be really helpful in breaking down different ingredients of skincare and beauty products and what each does. It would also help me zero in on the sorts of products I need, instead of just buying random skin care products and hoping they'll work on my specific problem areas. It sounds almost like a cooking companion, but for skincare. I love that approach!

    Pretty Honest sounds like a great read, as well. I'm still navigating my way around the beauty realm, so this would help give me the guidance I need. I love that she writes like she's speaking to you. That would be especially helpful and encouraging for readers who don't know that area very well.

    Thanks for sharing these, Laura!

    <3 Liz

    1. It is pretty much textbook like I have to say, but it makes for really interesting reading and is certainly something you can dip into and out of. I learnt just this morning, there are three types of rose oil (one of my favourite scents!) Rose Otto, Rose Absolute and Rosehip all with different uses. I'm really looking forward to getting onto the recipe sections and giving things a go, especially things like face masks as I'm totally addicted. It might be really helpful for you if you're having trouble as it breaks down what ingredients may be best for helping calm redness or sensitivity!

      Pretty Honest is also fabulous, she really does cut through the rubbish to tell you what you need beauty wise and what you can go without. She also tells you how to handle sales assistants on the counter which is something I always struggle with...sometimes they're so pushy!

      Laura xx


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