Monday, April 20, 2015

Lancome Mini Haul Featuring The Miracle Cushion Foundation

Ad was recently very lucky and had some extra pennies wired his way by my lovely mummy-in-law to be. He was under instructions to treat me to something nice and so being a beauty fiend, I asked for the new Lancome foundation which had been on my radar for some time. At the time, Lancome were doing their 'bonus time' type event whereby if you purchase ANY two products, you get a bag full of goodies. So, two products it was!
Unless you've been living under a rock, you can't have failed to notice that Lancome have brought out their new Miracle Cushion Foundation which is the first of its kind in the UK market. 
Now I know that these cushion type foundations have been around in the Asian make-up markets for an age, but us lot in the 'west' as it were, are only just catching on. I predict that over the next few months, more and more brands will be introducing foundations in this sort of set up. They're so convenient for travel and popping in your handbag. Lets take a closer look inside shall we?
Basically this is a liquid cushion compact, so, as you can see, on the top we have the sponge which you use to lightly pat the liquid foundation onto your skin.
The foundation is tightly sealed by a lid under the sponge.
There we have it, this ladies and gents is your foundation, all contained within this little cushion. It's simply a case of pressing in the sponge and patting or smoothing it onto your face. The initial outlay is £29.50, but after that, you can simply purchase the refill at a more purse friendly £19.50.
Ad purchased the shade 01 for me and I've been wearing it in all of the outfit posts which have sprouted up on my blog lately. I find the coverage to be light (but buildable if you're so inclined), the feel on the skin to be even lighter (I forgot I had it on!) and the finish lovely and dewy. The foundation almost felt water like when applying it to my skin which is just what you need in the hotter weather, something lovely and cooling, not to mention, something which contains SPF!
Finally, lets take a look at the nail varnish. The colour is gorgeous and Lancome claim that it's long lasting with a flawless application. Sadly, I can't remember which shade this is, but can confirm it costs £13.50.
My thoughts? Whilst the brush is pretty wide making for smooth and easy application, I didn't really find the varnish lasted any longer than say my OPI polishes. All in all, I got 4-5 days before major chipping set in. Maybe I'm just too heavy handed? You can't deny though, that colour is a beaut!

Have you tried the new Lancome Miracle Cushion Foundation? What did you think? 


  1. Interesting looking compact to say the least! Must have a look at this in store! X

    Styling ripped jeans for summer over at-

    1. It's an awesome foundation if you're not overly keen on a lot of coverage! As the compact doesn't leak, it's pretty handy for touch ups during the day as well!

      Laura x


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