Saturday, April 25, 2015

Outfit Of The Day - The Paint Splattered Dress

Lately, I've been going through something of a dress phase. From the simple yet chic shirt dress to the fuller 50's style complete with circle skirt. I've always been one who's struggled to put pieces together, but with dresses, it's so easy! Just grab a pair of shoes and some simple accessories and you're done and ready to go. No faffing around in your wardrobe or emptying the contents of your chest of drawers.
For this particular outfit, I wanted something which was a little more polished without being overly 'done'. Hopefully you'll agree that I've managed to pull things off!

Today, I'm wearing:

Jacket: Oasis
Shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Dress: Gap, I managed to grab this in the Black Friday sales in the hopes I'd get some use out of it over the summer!
Boots: Clarks
Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren 
The weather here in the UK has been, what the weather folks call it 'unseasonably warm' so I've been making the most of it by pulling out some dresses which have been tucked away for months. I did some serious shopping in the Autumn/Winter sales and I've been desperate to pull things out for a while. This dress is probably one of the pieces I've been most keen to pull out with it's slightly unusual print and fuller skater style skirt.
The print makes you look twice, at first I thought the print was stars, but on closer inspection, it's actually paint splattered (in case you hadn't guessed by the title of this post). I don't think there's anything about this dress I don't like! The skirt is lovely and full, as I've said, the waist is nice and nipped in and the round neck is really flattering and highlights, well, a good aspect of my figure.
I paired the dress with a cute polka dot shirt to make things a little more polished and I think it worked really well. I also think I'm right in saying mixing prints in still pretty on trend, it's always a nice surprise when I make a choice which is fashionable!
As I wanted the focus to be on the dress, I kept my hair simple and sleek and the make-up pretty minimal with natural eyes and a pink flush to the cheeks and lips.
Overall, this was a sweet look which I happily wore to the office a short while later, what with the navy and the collar it's clearly work appropriate. Oh, and before I forget, this dress also had pockets...WIN!

Are you still playing with prints? Are you still hoarding dresses from the Winter Sales? How would you style this dress?


  1. I love your style, Laura. It's so spunky and youthful with a mix of urban edge and feminine cheek. What a cool print on this dress, and I love how you've paired it over a blouse. This is a style I keep meaning to try, but I don't think I have the right types of layering tees to make it work. A denim jacket and booties are such a simple way to dress things down and make a look perfect for daytime.

    I finally got to wear a dress I've been waiting to wear since last fall. I purchased it whilst in Scotland last September, was able to wear it once, and it's been packed away until this past weekend. Breaking it out of storage was a beautiful thing. It still looks and feels brand new. And, you know, it's from our trip to Scotland, so I'm extra nostalgic and sentimental about it!

    <3 Liz

    1. Awwww, thanks Liz, you always say the nicest things! I do love this outfit as it's super comfy and suits a variety of occasions, including the office. The denim jacket, like you say, provides a good way to dress things down and take things from office to casual :)

      I'm sure you have a super sweet blouse in your repertoire which would be suitable for layering, if not, it's a perfect excuse to shop no??

      Wow, that dress sure has been tucked away for a long time eh? Have you done a post on the dress yet or is it something I need to keep an eye open for?

      I know what you mean about sentimental clothes, I have a whole box full of stuff I don't wear anymore but I can't bear to part with it as I have so many good memories. A friend suggested I take a photo of the clothing in question and then try parting with it so someone else can enjoy it, it's a shame that I keep so many bits cooped up but I just don't wear them anymore (not least of all because they're about 2 sizes too big!)

      Laura x

  2. Such a cute look!!! Love the style of the dress and shirt xoxox

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I love the playfulness of this outfit :D

      Laura xx


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