Monday, June 22, 2015

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick - Rose 830 - A Review

I'm going through a lipstick phase, clearly as I've done a fair few posts since the new year, but I think I've been good in that the shades which I'm picking up have been fairly varied. Today, in the interests of giving some more budget friendly high street options a try I'm reviewing one of the newest launches from Revlon.
I'm talking of course about the Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks which you can pick up for around £7.99. They come in a variety shades with 14 strong shade selection going from vivacious reds and vivid pinks, to more muted nudes such as the shade above. 
As I was in the market for a 'my lips but better' shade I opted to go for the shade Rose, which is a gorgeous nudish pink shade, and, as it turns out, exactly what I was looking for.
Formula wise, these are all wax free and instead use gel technology to provide a pure hit of colour in just one swipe. It's this gel technology which means the lipstick itself applies like an absolute dream, almost like applying a lip balm. This is because the gel texture ensures there's no dragging and also means the colour application is much more even than with a traditional wax based lipstick. The swatch above was with just one swipe of the bullet and you can see there is some serious pigment being deposited.
They do have quite a strong scent vanilla to them, so, if you can get past that, then you're in for a treat. This lipstick delivers a good pop of buildable colour which is smooth, weightless and surprisingly, non-drying.
The above photo shows the lipstick in two different lights. You can see the pigment is pretty intense despite being a nude shade.

All in all, these were great value, longevity wise, I would say a couple of hours before reapplication was required, but for £7.99 (these were actually two for £10 so a bargain) I won't be complaining any time soon.

Have you tried the new Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks? What are you favourite shades?

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  1. Great review! This is such a pretty shade, perfect for spring/summer X

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