Saturday, November 14, 2015

Getting Qwerky with Qwertee

Today I wanted to share with a brand I've only recently discovered, Qwertee who sell awesome t-shirts, hoodies and jumpers for a limited time only and for a pretty sweet price of £8 per t-shirt, £15 per jumper and £24 per hoodie.
Their whole philosophy is one t-shirt, one day only at one incredible price and I certainly think £8 for a limited edition t-shirt is a total steal. As you can see, Ad and I have pretty big collection which is growing week by week. I find the quality of clothing and the print to be great, they're not the sort of prints which will just wash off once you've popped them in the machine once or twice unlike some pieces I've grabbed from Primark over the years.
Given I'm a total nerd, you can understand why these t-shirt would appeal to me, I mean a Totoro and Snorelax, how cute is that? It's the ultimate pillow fight underneath a sakura tree, this t-shirt couldn't be any more me if it tried.
The designs on offer vary each and every day with the designs having been voted to print by Qwertees' customers. The designs are all created by the Qwertee community and being a community full of gamers, manga lovers, anime enthusiasts and general pop culture aficionados I love most of the images for print on offer.
The sizing comes up a little small so I've opted for a medium when I would usually be a small (I'm a size 10 if it helps). Ad is the same and usually goes for a small in both shirts and t-shirts and has gone for a medium in both the t-shirts and jumpers when he's ordered them.
I think at £8, you can't really go wrong, if you don't like what you've received, there is the option to exchange (if there are any left in a different size) or opt for store credit on something else which takes your fancy.

The only other thing I would say is that you need to be prepared to wait a little while for your order to arrive. Once you've placed your order, they will tell you when they expect the order to dispatch which is usually around 3-4 working days after the design is removed from sale. On average, we tend to wait around two weeks for the clothing to arrive but we're not in any rush.

They do ship worldwide so if anything takes your fancy, get on it quick!

Have you tried Qwertee? Are you into limited edition t-shirts? Any other cool websites I need to check out?


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