Monday, November 9, 2015

Thumbs Up Nail Wraps - A Review

Glamour Magazine recently purchased their annual Christmas gift guide. Being a total beauty magpie I was drawn to the festive themed nail wraps which they'd featured from a brand called Thumbs Up. Naturally this saw me hunting them down online and being thrilled to discover they're a London based design company.
As I've never tried nail wraps before, I ordered a few different styles and designs to try out. Namely, the Awe Wraps, the Rosa Wraps and two festive styles in the form of the Jolly Jumper and Ginger Bread wraps.
The designs on the festive themed wraps are uber cute and at £5.99 for the Ginger Bread Wraps and £6.99 for the Jolly Jumper Wraps they'd make great stocking fillers or secret santa gifts for those of us on a tight festive budget. 
Up close, you can see that the level of detail, even on the festive wraps is amazing, From the little reindeer to the snowflakes, these give a tasteful nod to the Nordic inspired Christmas jumper trend which rears each head each year. 
As well as novelty nail wraps, Thumbs Up also have a wide range of fashion forward designs with inspirations ranging from rock and roll to vintage and art deco to geometric. This time I went for the Rosa floral wraps and the Awe wraps.
Again, the level of detail in the design is fabulous and certainly not something I'd be able to achieve myself without some serious help. 
Each packet of nail wraps come sealed in a packet of anywhere from 16-20 individual nail wraps in varying sizes. There are clear instructions on the back of each packet as to how they should be applied and I was surprised at how easy it was.
As the packet says, it's a case of the following:

1. Clean and buff your nails
2. Peel off the cover and select the nail wrap best fits your cuticle size, if you can't quite find the right size, then use a pair of nail clippers to trim the closest size down a wee bit
3. Gently lift the nail wrap by the silver tab
4. First apply at the cuticle side
5. Smooth the wrap towards the nail edge until wrinkle free
6. Lift the wrap gently to re-apply where necessary, they are surprisingly stretchy so don't be scared of tugging it around a little
7. File off the excess wrap in a straight down motion using a nail file
My first time applying I didn't get them quite as smooth as a like so I think it does take a little bit of practice, perhaps if my nails were a little longer it might have been easier. The application process was fairly easy and it was quick to remove the excess with a general run of the mill nail file.
Overall I have to say they look fabulous! They're said to last between 3-10 days depending on your lifestyle and I'm currently on day three. I've done a 60 minute Les Mills workout, attended the fireworks, scoffed street food, dusted, hoovered and had several showers and we're still going strong.

When I've had enough, it's just a case of removing using nail varnish remover. I have to say I'm super impressed with these and reckon they'd be ideal for holidays instead of packing a ton of nail varnish bottles.

I can't wait to try more styles, so, Thumbs Up, if you're ready then I am! If you've been tempted to try Nail Wraps, I can't recommend these guys enough, they're such an affordable way to dabble with a trend.

Have you used Nail Wraps before? Any other brands you reckon I should take a look at? Would you give these as a cute stocking filler?


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