Friday, September 20, 2013

The Organised Clutter That Is My Dressing Table

This is my dressing table – every woman probably has this space somewhere in her home, be it tucked away in a bathroom cabinet or an entire shelf crammed full of the ‘essentials’ that make up your everyday routine. I thought today it might be fun to share mine. 

I have OCD about things being tidy so as you can see, my space is organised into body care, hair care, skin care and even my perfume collection is neatly placed together with a few knick-knacks dotted in between.

You might have noticed there are quite a few sample sizes floating around – skincare is an investment and before I decide to commit myself, I quite enjoy having the opportunity to try a product for a month or so to see if it suits my skin or even makes the differences it claims to make.

My essentials are:

Cotton Pads – these really are indispensable, they’re handy for applying your toner, make-up remover and even a wipe off cleanser.  You can normally pick these up for around 99p so there’s no excuse not to have some stashed away!

Finishing Powder – Whilst summer has been all about the dewy fresh faced look, I prefer a more matte finish – this stuff is also great for helping to keep any excess oil at bay.

Clinique Superbalm – Whilst I almost always have a lip balm handy, this stuff is great for those few occasions when my lips get really sore.  I apply this before heading to bed and my lips are always right as rain the next morning.  The product is so iconic that it now comes in a range of colours so it’s great for day time use as well.

Pureology Split-End Treatment – I frequently colour my hair so I’ve been a Pureology convert for a while now.  For those who aren’t familiar with the brand – its vegan, paraben free and consistently wins awards for its ability to care for coloured hair without stripping the colour.  This product is great if you’ve got longer hair and you’re trying to buy a little more time between cuts. 

L’Oreal Mythic Oil – When it comes to multi-functional products this is a bit of a godsend.  I tend to use this on my hair while it’s still damp to help speed up the drying time (no seriously, it really does!) and give my hair a little more shine.  This can also be used to tame flyaway’s once your hair is dry/styled or as a nourishing overnight treatment to be washed off in the morning.  A little really does go a LONG way.

Body Brush – These have been mentioned by beauty editors till they’re blue in the face – I use this solely on my legs and thighs which takes me a whole 60 seconds.  Elle Macpherson swears by a body brush to the extent she’s released her own electronic rotating version – nuff said.  Also be sure to moisturise your body every day, especially in winter when your skin takes much more of a beating.

Perfumes – I love anything which is rose based and a little sweet.  Even when I’m buying a new fragrance, it’ll tend to have the same sort of base note.

Cleanse/Tone/Moisturise – These are the three skincare steps you really need to follow – there are no excuses!  I don’t think people always realise how important toning your skin is! Panic not – I shall do a more in depth post on this soon. 

I have three moisturisers on the go at the moment; two for the day depending on how my skin is looking and one for the evening.  I also have two different serums; one for day and one for the night (bonus points for guessing which one is which).

And finally:

Eye Cream – I cannot stress how careful you need to be about using your normal moisturiser around your eye area.  The skin around your eyes is incredibly sensitive and delicate which is why it can be prone to puffiness/dark circles and dryness (woo-hoo!).  The skin here is also much thinner so if your normal moisturiser is full of harsh chemicals, these can be absorbed and damage the area even further!

What are your everyday essentials?


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