Friday, July 31, 2015

Gerda Spillman Hydro Pearls - Review

Now as I'm sure you have gathered, I'm a Birchbox fan.  Incidentally, this product was in my first ever Birchbox and I was so impressed with it, I decided to take the plunge and invest.

I'll be honest, I'd never heard of Gerda Spillman prior to this point but since then I've done my research (as you'd expect from me!).  In America, she is best known for her Bio-Fond Foundation which helps to improve problem skin as well as protecting you from the sun.  Any make-up which helps to improve temperamental skin in the long run is a winner in my books.

Part of the appeal of Madame Spillman's products is that they are almost all hydrophillic, meaning that you can combine them with water and they'll still be effective.  In essence, they help to nourish your skin and in turn, the effects of the products which you use on your skin last longer.  The Hydro Pearls make-up primer is just one of many products in her range which falls into the above category.
Whilst it's primary function is as a primer it's also a light moisturising fluid, thus making this yet another multi-tasking wonder in my arsenal!  As a moisturiser, it helps to protect your skin from environmental pollutants, and as it's water based, it keeps your skin feeling hydrated for longer.

I think the moisturising aspect of the product makes it ideal for the colder months as it'll provide an extra layer of hydration for my skin.

As a primer, in all honesty, I would say this is in league with my Laura Mercier Primers (*shock horror*), if not, dare I say it, better?  It reduced the appearance of my pores and left my skin with a silky flawless finish. On a good skin day, I'd be quite content to wear this with just a little blush and a slick of mascara before dashing out of the house.
The pump dispenser does come in quite handy in terms of ensuring you only use what you need. In addition, as the product is water based, it doesn't need much encouragement to break down and sink into your skin (for lack of a better explanation it is quite watery). 

As a heads up, if you've got more of an oily skin type, then I would say to apply this instead of your usual moisturiser as it may be a little bit much if you're looking to layer this on top of your usual skin care routine.  

I have normal/combination skin and I use this on top of whichever moisturiser I'm using that day and I find it's perfect for me, but I have heard on the grapevine that those with oily skin should exercise a little more caution in this respect.

I bought this directly from the Birchbox store for £30 for 100ml which is incredible value for money: as a cheeky bonus I actually had enough Reward Points to get £10 off my purchase.  One pump is enough for the entire face so whilst it might cost a wee bit initially, my mini Birchbox sample almost lasted a month with everyday use so I know this will be around for a fair old while.

Have you discovered a new primer recently? 


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